Posted On December 14, 2015

ctrl keys flying on blue background

Adjust text size

How would it feel if everything you read today was this size?

A few ways to magnify the text on the document in front of you are:

  1. Zoom in!

If you have a scrolling button on your mouse, simply press the CTRL key and scroll at the same time. The text on page should enlarge and reduce as you scroll back and forth. This works for all Microsoft programs AND webpages. If you don’t have a scrolling button, the scaling tool to the bottom right of the screen in Word, Excel or PowerPoint, does the same thing.

  1. Enlarge the text

Ctrl + ]  will EEEENNNLARGE

Select the text you want to enlarge, then click CTRL + ]

Ctrl + [ will REDUUUUCE

Note: This works in all text boxes, but not in Excel cells.

Close and open with ease

Ctrl + O will open saved files in any program you’ve opened.

Ctrl + W will immediately close the file in front of you.

Start a new file

CTRL + N will generate a new email in Outlook, a new spreadsheet in Excel, new slideshow in PowerPoint, a new page in Internet Explorer and so on. Remember N stands for New.

Find keywords

Find the page you’re on too wordy and need to jump to relevant information quickly?

Click CTRL + F in any Microsoft program or webpage to get the text box below:

Type in your keyword(s) and hit Enter. It will highlight the keywords on the page.


If you don’t currently use any shortcuts, these ones will come in handy:

CTRL + Z: Undo anything

Made a typo, accidental deletion, or simply…what did I just do again?

By using this shortcut, you can see your previous action on the document. Or even a few steps before. Believe me, you’ll become addicted to this! It’s a lifesaver when you most need it.

CTRL + S: Save

Constantly saving your work by clicking CTRL + S will make sure your work is safe if your computer crashes unexpectedly.

Practice these tips a few times, and you’ll see how the power of keyboard shortcuts can increase your confidence and productivity.

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