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Living a Resilient Life

Microlearning content to support wellness at work

As organisations face disruptive and turbulent times, there is an even stronger need to ensure that your team leaders and team members are not only safe – but that they also have a resilient mindset.

Resilience is a very personal concept and one that can be learned and developed. One of the many dimensions of positive mental health is resilience. To build resilient teams, we must focus on each individual.

Teaching methods to enhance resilience signifies a move towards a prevention and strength-building model of mental health.

The solution takes a two-pronged approach

Building a protective shell

This is a forward-looking plan that nurtures and strengthens the resilience base.

Developing a capacity for resilience

This is in-the-moment capacity building, including:
• Selecting and practising personal coping techniques
• Developing tangible skills to help communicate, network and manage conflict

MCI adopts a building block approach, using a wide range of innovative modality to develop a unique and blended solution to this personal concept. This solution is customised to your specific needs and is as effective as it is practical for your organisation to roll out.

What makes this MCI digital learning program so impactful?

The resilience training online is accessible on all devices, so users can undertake their learning according to their preference.

It is designed as a performance support aid that team members and leaders can use them when they confront situations that demand an immediate response – the modules are sequential but can be tapped into over and over again as needed.

Designed in collaboration with professionals and experts in the field.

The modules provide a practical toolkit of strategies that is immediately applicable in work and personal contexts.

Uses our 4L Instructional Design Methodology to ensure depth and rigour to the learning solution.

SCORM compliant and easy to upload on existing LMS or LXP.

Resilience Training - Microlearning Modules

Living a Resilient Life

Element 1: Health and Wellbeing

Element 2: Connections and Support

Element 3: Self-efficacy and Self-worth

Element 4: Optimism and Perseverance

Element 5: EQ and Emotional Awareness

Element 6: Self-regulation

Element 7: Stress Management Element

Element 8: Control and Problem-solving

Element 9: Purpose an Congruence

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