Posted On January 29, 2019

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Author: Denise Meyerson

CEO of The Focus Learning Group / a Multi-Award Winning Training Company / Telstra Business Women’s Awards Finalist

What is it that makes MCI Solutions so unique?  That’s a question that clients regularly ask.  What is it that truly sets you apart as your key differentiator?

Our ethos is based on the belief that the learner is at the centre of what we design and deliver so that there is greater transfer of learning, more effective learning experiences and ultimately improved performance. We ask the question: “What are the experiences your learners need in order to be successful and to make a real difference to your business goals?”

This enables us to accommodate the different ways in which employees, team leaders and managers learn – in engaging and interactive class sessions; in virtual classroom format; via digital forms of learning including a whole blend of real-time and technology-based learning opportunities.

Here are some of the special ways in which MCI meets our clients’ business challenges. Our approach is flexible and we adapt to each of the challenges that organisations face as they strive to be at the very top of their game:

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1. Organisations are seeking more efficient ways of ensuring that their teams are high performing.

Traditional classroom style learning is not always appropriate and in today’s climate of complexity and constant change, learning needs to be targeted and delivered to a wide audience.

This is where MCI steps in to provide you with a full range of learning solutions that match the culture of your organisation and ensure that both your people and the business as a whole fulfills its potential.

Examples of solutions include: 

  • Designing and developing course content for impactful learning experiences
  • Facilitating sessions that include management and leadership training through to desktop training for teams
  • Development of digital and virtual classroom learning that enables you to thrive in the face of rapid change.

2. Many organisations are transforming their learning assets from traditional face to face learning in to digital format.

This benefits the organisation in that there is less interest or need to attend in person classes. And it’s empowering for entire teams to find that learning is now accessible to them in a format that they can easily engage with in their own time and at their own pace. Scalability is achieved costs are saved.
MCI ensures that a whole learning experience is created using needs analysis, consulting on instructional design and the use of tools that are easily deployed.

3. MCI steps in to assist organisations in creating micro learning pieces.

Research clearly shows that learners do not recall vast amounts of content that isn’t relevant or directly applicable to their roles. Learning opportunities may need to be broken into smaller segments to fit more seamlessly into work responsibilities.
In a world of constantly shifting priorities and fast-paced business environments, micro content allows you to deliver relevant skills to drive quality performance. Learners don’t need to wait for knowledge – they can receive it at their moment of need.

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4. Where face to face learning experiences are still important, MCI designs and facilitates sessions that make use of a whole range of innovative learning methodologies.

Some of our favourites include LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, Gamestorming and What the Duck. We ensure that your team has a memorable session that results in real changes in behaviour.

5. Leadership development remains a strong investment

Leadership development remains a strong investment for organisations who are determined to build workplaces that are productive and where there are high levels of team engagement. Leaders have the ability to transform organisations and take them from competent to exceptional.

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MCI plays a crucial role in ensuring that leadership development is a continuous process that includes options such as virtual classroom and powerful and interactive learning experiences that are impactful and make a huge difference to capability and mindset.

Qualifications are a great add-on option for leaders and managers who benefit from the high value of building a life-long process of development. MCI is also an RTO and provides you with a range of Certificate level, Diploma and Advanced Diploma qualifications or skill sets.

And of course, not all organisations have the capability to do all things learning and development as they would like to. That’s where MCI has the ability to step in and place consultants, instructional designers and facilitators so that the vision you have for your project comes to fruition.

All in all, MCI is your partner as you invest in the upskilling of your workforce.

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