Learning Reinforcement with Mindmarker

Improve learning outcomes and value from training

Improve your training performance results, maximise your training budget and reduce the need for repeated training with MCI Solutions Mobile App for learning reinforcement, Mindmarker.

Whatever your training budget, learning reinforcement programs improve your business outcomes.

In today’s workplace, with a multi-channel, multi-tasking workforce, mobile delivery of training is essential – and that is why MCI Digital Learning Reinforcement is a vital part of your overall learning strategy. MCI Digital Learning Reinforcement, Powered by Mind Marker is an essential addition to your strategic approach.

It is accessible on the browser as well as through the mobile app, it is fully brandable, and built with a mobile-first approach, the apps are designed for both learners and managers, reinforcement programs include multi-media learning content including video, audio, and company specific documents. Micro-learning bites and action based learning content reinforces learning outcomes and provides an ongoing reference for learners.

Reinforcing the training is easy - it can be done via many methods.

However the best way is an LMS based reminder system, which puts snippets of already learnt content back in front of the learner through a structured program. This is done digitally via sms or app based systems.

Starting immediately after training a series of goal-based activities are sent to the learner through their mobile device. As they act on these, learners see how well they are performing - and their managers also review their progress through the reinforcement program

Reinforcement is designed to be timed to maximise learning outcomes, and maximise behaviour change which improves business performance.

Reinforcement delivery times are not random. They follow a structured timeline that builds on the training plan and previous reinforcements to create lasting behaviour change.Because it is delivered on a mobile phone, your learners are familiar with the learning reinforcement environment. The technology is seamless and invisible, the knowledge becomes the focus.

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