History of MCI

Our journey

Dr Denise Meyerson, 14 years ago would never have thought that LEGO would play a major part in transforming her life. Denise left South Africa and landed in Australia for a brand new life. Despite having spent 11 years at university to get her PHD, she still had to work her way through local qualifications so she could train people in Australia. In 2004 she opened an office in Sydney, concentrating on corporate training and that is where MCI Solutions was born. 12 years later, MCI has grown from 2 employees to over 70 and the team keeps growing. With today’s global stage, we are dedicated to promoting diverse working environments by using inventive techniques – specifically LEGO Serious Play. Dr Denise Meyerson is certified as one of only four master trainers in the world. LEGO Serious Play is an innovative business tool that works across different cultures, language, and personalities. This is one of the many unique techniques that we utilise in our training. In one of those strange twists of fate, LEGO has become an integral part of her company.


2003 - Denise moved to Australia

2004 - MCI Sydney offices were opened

2010 - Denise becomes a LEGO SERIOUS PLAY master trainer

2012 - We won the HR Service Provider of Year award

2013 - MCI team grows and expands to 70 employees

2015 - MCI places #7 on BRW’s 2015 Most Innovative Companies list