Executive skills

Soft skills training is important too

The hardest skills to learn in business are soft skills, and there is actually nothing soft about them. They are some of the most important skills you need to know to be successful in business. Completing programs which teach these skills are fundamental in continuing career progression and therefore your ability to be good leader and manager of people.

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Why did we develop them?

Our ‘by design suites’, acknowledge all that has been seen in industry, heard by our clients – and the results concur that all of these executive skills are interdependent. These competencies and capabilities should be applied together in order to be most effective as they compliment the effectiveness of each other. For example, you can’t be a good leader if you are well organised but have no communication skills.

What clients and industry tell us

We know you want programs that are refined to meet your needs. We therefore decided to design a few suites of programs that incorporate this fact. They are therefore flexible in delivery style (online, face-to-face or blended) and flexible in timing – so whether you only have a lunch session, half-day or full day available, we can customise our programs to suit. These programs can also be completed in full or in part, depending on your needs.


We understand the challenges of time, availability of staff, restrictions of having people all over the country and getting everyone into the room therefore we can find a delivery method that suits you. Whether face-to-face or via virtual classroom, there is always a solution.


These programs allow you to zoom in on specific parts of a process or capability and tackle those individually or look broader to at the whole journey and move through the process step by step.