Digital Coaching with Learncore

Record. Coach. Collaborate. Feedback. Learn.

Imagine you could transfer the knowledge of your best performers and put it right into the hands of your entire team!

Now imagine that your team can practice pitches, support interactions, and solve customer problems so that you could provide feedback, coach and help them learn. Build the confidence of your team members by helping them learn from the best and coaching them to deliver results. All this is possible with MCI Solution's Digital Coaching Platform, Powered by Learncore.

Your products change.  Your processes change.  Your sales team is out on the road more often and customers are constantly changing their buying habits and service requirements.

A well trained sales and customer facing workforce has a powerful impact on business results, particularly in a rapidly changing environment.

Effective sales and customer service training is difficult. One study found that only 9% of sales training programs “exceeded expectations.” The on-demand, on-the-go Digital Coaching Platform addresses these challenges.

Getting constructive feedback on performance is the most valuable way of learning a new skill. A digital platform is an effective way to create and record a response, pitch or presentation, and then receive objective and relevant feedback by one or many people.

When a pitch is submitted, colleagues and managers view it and score the pitch on various criteria. This provides a fully rounded feedback experience.

If your team performance is boosted in a competitive environment, you can even allow your staff to compete. The leader board creates engagement, competition and shows improvement – all in real time.

The value of a well-trained sales team and good coaching program can be clearly demonstrated: a 20% higher win rate, 11% reduced staff turnover rate, a 9% increase in revenue attainment and an overall 8% increase in achieving quotas.

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