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Excel Advanced

This course focuses on learning how to use some of the complex Function formulas including IF and VLOOKUP as well as Financial and Text Functions. You will also learn how to use formulas to link and consolidate data across worksheets, Macros to automate routine tasks and Scenarios, and Goal Seek and Solver to model spreadsheet data and make informed decisions.

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Excel Intermediate

This course provides a solid grounding in the more commonly used formulas and Functions in Excel and in the best practice methods for analysing data. You will learn techniques to help you find information, write formulas and analyse data in tables, lists and charts and how to get the most out of the powerful Pivot Tables and Pivot Chart data analysis tools.

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Excel Introduction

This course introduces you to Excel spreadsheets and how they are used in business. You will learn to create, edit, format and print professional looking spreadsheets using simple formulas.

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Excel VBA Advanced

Learn how to create string functions, manipulate charts, work with control and useform events and hot to create Excel applications that interacts with other programs. This Excel Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) Advanced course is suitable for all versions of Excel, and is held in Sydney and Melbourne.

Excel VBA Introduction

VBA is a programming language used to create and edit automated procedures in Excel called macros. Macros can be used in simple ways, such as automating a routine print process, and for more advanced application automation and design within Excel. On this course you will learn how to create and edit recorded macros, use Visual Basic programming to code and edit more complex procedures, design appropriate user interaction for your macros to make them easy to use and build error checks into your macros to handle errors and maintain integrity. You will also learn about good programming practices and how to write, edit and debug more complex VBA programs using the Visual Basic Editor.

Virtual Class - Excel: Advanced Filters for Databases and Lists

Learn to use Advanced Filters in Excel  to summarise and analyse large data lists and complex data sets.

Virtual Class - Excel: Automation with Macros

Learn to record, run and edit Macros to automate routine Excel tasks using the Macro Recorder and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) programming code.

Virtual Class - Excel: Charts and Graphs

Learn how to display Excel data graphically using a variety of compelling charts.

Virtual Class - Excel: Collaboration and shared workbooks

Learn to share and co-author Excel workbooks and collaborate with team members online.

Virtual Class - Excel: Dashboards

Learn how to create a dashboard in Excel to help you keep a visual track of important performance measures and targets in your spreadsheet models.

Virtual Class - Excel: Data modelling with Scenarios, Goal Seek & Solver

Learn how to use Scenario Manager, Goal Seek and Solver to perform complex spreadsheet modelling and how to quickly analyse options and make better decisions.

Virtual Class - Excel: Error-proofing your spreadsheets

Learn how to find and fix common errors in spreadsheets and how to create models that have built-in error prevention mechanisms to help maintain data integrity.

Virtual Class - Excel: Fast formatting tips

Learn tips and tricks for fast formatting. Apply best practices and improve the layout and presentation of your Excel data quickly and easily.

Virtual Class - Excel: Formulas for everyday calculations

Learn how to write and edit simple formulas in Excel to calculate results. You will learn how to write formulas that add totals and calculate averages and how to use built-in formulas called Functions.

Virtual Class - Excel: Formulas for financial analysis

Learn to use Excel formulas that work on financial data. Financial functions are used to calculate many finance related operations including loan repayments, depreciation of assets and rates of return on investments.

Virtual Class - Excel: Formulas for statistical analysis

Learn how to use Excel Statistical Functions to calculate averages, standard deviations and other useful statistical information for analytical and reporting purposes.

Virtual Class - Excel: Formulas for What-If analysis

Learn how to write and edit IF formulas to return results based on variable conditions in your spreadsheet data.

Virtual Class - Excel: Formulas for working with text

Learn to use Excel Text Functions to clean up imported text and manipulate how textual data is stored and displayed.

Virtual Class - Excel: Mastering VLOOKUP formulas

Learn how to create and edit VLOOKUP and other Lookup formulas to extract data from Excel lists and tables based on variable conditions and criteria.

Virtual Class - Excel: Math Functions

Learn to use Excel Functions for complex mathematical operations. Math functions are used for many mathematical operations including adding up totals, multiplying values and rounding numbers.

Virtual Class - Excel: Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts

Learn how to create and edit Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts to quickly visualise and analyse large Excel data sets and make better business decisions.

Virtual Class - Excel: Power Pivot and Power View

Learn to use Excel Power View and Power Pivot to connect to, analyze and visualize massive amounts of data.

Virtual Class - Excel: Quick viewing and printing tips

Learn tips and tricks for viewing and printing Excel data effectively and efficiently.

Virtual Class - Excel: Sorting and Filtering Lists and Databases

Learn how to turn raw data into useful business information to help you make more informed decisions. Work with built-in, easy to use database and list management tools in Excel to analyse large sets of business data quickly and efficiently.

Virtual Class - Excel: Top ten tips

Learn ten essential tips and shortcuts that will dramatically improve the way you use Excel.