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Virtual Class - Word: Collaborating on documents with Track Changes

Learn how to collaborate on a Word document with co-workers by using Track Changes and other reviewing and document protection tools.

Virtual Class - Word: Creating long documents using Section breaks

Learn how to use Section breaks to create long documents with different page layouts and alternating headers and footers.

Virtual Class - Word: Mastering Fields

Learn how to use Fields to make your Word documents dynamic. You will learn about Formula fields, Date and Time fields and REF fields and learn how to use FILLIN fields to capture user input through pop-up dialogs.

Virtual Class - Word: Mastering images and shapes

Learn how to insert and edit images into your Word documents and how to illustrate documents with shapes and drawn objects.

Virtual Class - Word: Mastering Macros

Learn how to save time by automating routine tasks and processes in Word using the Macro recorder.

Virtual Class - Word: Mastering Mail Merge

Learn how to use Word's Mail Merge function to send out a personalised mail-out of a standard letter or document to a large group of recipients.

Virtual Class - Word: Mastering Tables

Learn to easily insert, edit and format Tables in Word documents to improve readability and document effectiveness.

Virtual Class - Word: Mastering Templates

Learn how to save time by using the built-in templates provided in Word and by creating your own customized, re-usable document templates

Virtual Class - Word: Styles and Tables of Content

Learn how to create and use Word Styles to format headings and paragraph layouts consistently and quickly. You will also use Styles to generate a Table of Contents for a long document.

Word Advanced

This course is for experienced Microsoft Word users who need to know how to use the more advanced features of Word. You will learn how to automate processes with macros, create custom templates, collaborate on documents and track changes, use fields and electronic forms and create a table of contents for a long document.

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Word Intermediate

This course is for experienced users of Microsoft Word who need to create longer, more complex documents. You will learn advanced techniques for laying out and presenting information using columns, tables, styles, section breaks, headers and footers, AutoText and Building Blocks. You will also learn how to perform a mail merge and how to work with pictures and SmartArt.

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Word Introduction

This course will introduce new and existing users of Microsoft Word to the skills and knowledge needed to create common business documents including letters, memos and reports. You will also be introduced to Word's proofing tools for spelling and grammar as well as the automatic proofing and formatting tools such as AutoCorrect and AutoFormat.

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