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Access Advanced

This course focuses on how to design and create multi-table databases and how to automate operations using macros.

Access Intermediate

This course builds on the introductory skills of the Introduction course. You will learn how
to ensure that data is entered correctly, how to create more sophisticated and complex
queries, and how to use basic automation techniques involving macros.

Access Introduction

This course focuses on developing skills and knowledge to create databases. You will learn how to create database systems, enter, edit and delete data in database files, produce information in forms and reports and generate queries on the data.

Acrobat Introduction

This course introduces new and existing users of Adobe Acrobat to the skills and knowledge needed to create and modify Portable Document Format (PDF) files. You will learn how to view, create and modify PDF files You will also learn how to make your PDF files more accessible to your audience by adding navigation elements and security.
This course is available to be run on your site only.


Advanced Facilitation Skills Powered by Gamestorming

Do you find company meetings, workshops and seminars to be boring? Bring them to life with some new techniques to engage your staff. Design and deliver workshops, seminars, company meetings and facilitated processes according to Gamestorming methodologies.

This cutting edge process will enhance the way in which you generate ideas and align your team. Gamestorming provides a different perspective on how to reach set outcomes at the end of a session. It ensures that you work towards solving complex problems through collaborative ways of engaging groups and there is substantial theory that backs up this highly effective way of generating breakthrough results.


Unlike submissive and aggressive communication, assertive communication must be learned. It is a foundation on which mutual respect can be built – respect for ourselves and for others.
Mastering assertiveness is essential for effective communication.
This course will provide you with personal insight into the ways in which you respond to different people, situations and events. You’ll learn tools and techniques to effectively manage your responses and express your views and plans.

Building High-Performing Teams

In the modern work environment, organisations increasingly need cohesive, flexible teams. For some people, teamwork comes naturally, for others, it’s a challenge. A crucial part of management, therefore, is knowing how to create an effective team from a group of potentially diverse people. MCI’s Building High-Performing Teams program provides insights into the essential elements of successful teams and how to develop a positive team culture in the workplace. Courses run in Sydney and Melbourne.

Business Writing

This business writing course is ideal for anyone who wants to improve their writing skills and get better results from their communications.

The ability to express yourself clearly in writing is one of the most important skills in business. We’ll introduce you to tried and tested structured writing techniques that will help you plan and write effective emails and short business documents that get the results you need. If you’re struggling to write with clarity and influence, then this program is ideal for you.

Change Management

Organisations must change to stay competitive and the way in which change is managed can have a dramatic effect on success. Through this program you will discover how to lead your organisation and team through change by following an 8-step process that allows you to turn your strategic vision into reality.

Communications – Making Connections

Effective communication is pivotal to building and maintaining lasting working relationships. This course will provide you with techniques to communicate effectively with others, make the most of your interactions and achieve your desired outcomes. By connecting with others, you can ensure that your message is heard, understood and responded to. Courses run in Sydney and Melbourne.

Confidence Building & Networking Skills

We recognise the importance of networking, however networking does not come naturally to everybody. In this course you will learn to demystify networking and build your confidence when networking. Having a diverse network supports your career development and career opportunities that could come your way.

Conflict Management

Difficult situations are inevitable. This course will help you to understand the mechanisms at play when you're in a difficult situation. You’ll learn and practise behaviours that will navigate you through the tough times and help you avoid them in the first place. The program explores a number of techniques that allow you to take the initiative to change a difficult situation.

Customer Service Excellence

A provider of excellent customer service uses skills and behaviours to listen to, identify and act upon the wants, needs and emotions of their customers. This course is about exploring those customer-focused behaviours to move beyond delivering just good customer service to delivering remarkable customer service. Being remarkable will delight your customers, secure loyalty and grow your business. Courses run in Sydney and Melbourne.

Emerging Leaders Program

Our flagship program, The Leadership Challenge focuses on the five practices that successful leaders put in to place to bring out the best in themselves and the best in those they lead. 

This 2 day program is structured as a facilitated process to ensure growth on a personal level as well as developing the critical competencies of leaders. The overall purpose of the program is to drive real commitment to going back to the work environment with strengthened credibility and determination to apply these learnings for the benefit of the teams you lead.

Program Background
This program is based on the research and methodologies of Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner who have conducted intensive research over the past twenty years in to exemplary leadership. Their book, The Leadership Challenge, has sold over 1.5 million copies worldwide and has been translated in to several languages. It has been selected as one of the top 100 business books of all time.

Employment and Job Recruitment Skills

As small business owners, recruiting the right candidates for the right roles is fundamental to your successful business growth. In this course you will learn how to design the job advertisement, showcase these adverts on the right platforms and interview candidates to ensure that you have the right team working with you.

Excel Advanced

This course focuses on learning how to use some of the complex Function formulas including IF and VLOOKUP as well as Financial and Text Functions. You will also learn how to use formulas to link and consolidate data across worksheets, Macros to automate routine tasks and Scenarios, and Goal Seek and Solver to model spreadsheet data and make informed decisions.

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Excel Intermediate

This course provides a solid grounding in the more commonly used formulas and Functions in Excel and in the best practice methods for analysing data. You will learn techniques to help you find information, write formulas and analyse data in tables, lists and charts and how to get the most out of the powerful Pivot Tables and Pivot Chart data analysis tools.

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Excel Introduction

This course introduces you to Excel spreadsheets and how they are used in business. You will learn to create, edit, format and print professional looking spreadsheets using simple formulas.

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Excel VBA Advanced

Learn how to create string functions, manipulate charts, work with control and useform events and hot to create Excel applications that interacts with other programs. This Excel Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) Advanced course is suitable for all versions of Excel, and is held in Sydney and Melbourne.

Excel VBA Introduction

VBA is a programming language used to create and edit automated procedures in Excel called macros. Macros can be used in simple ways, such as automating a routine print process, and for more advanced application automation and design within Excel. On this course you will learn how to create and edit recorded macros, use Visual Basic programming to code and edit more complex procedures, design appropriate user interaction for your macros to make them easy to use and build error checks into your macros to handle errors and maintain integrity. You will also learn about good programming practices and how to write, edit and debug more complex VBA programs using the Visual Basic Editor.

Finance for Non-Finance Managers

This course gives you the tools you need to understand commonly used accounting jargon, financial statements and reports. You'll discover the benefits of the budgeting process and learn how to look beyond standard financial figures to determine the key performance drivers that give you control over profitability and enhance your strategic planning and decision making.

Illustrator Introduction

Adobe Illustrator is an illustration and drawing program designed for people who want to create vector-based graphics for design, web design or desktop publishing material. You will learn to create professional artwork and documents and to create and modify illustrations and use colour, shapes and layers effectively.

This course is available to be run on your site only.

Improving Productivity using Outlook

Being productive is a blend of good time management practices and using technology to support your day-to-day activities. This course helps you take control through setting priorities, recognising obstacles and handling interruptions. Use Microsoft Outlook 2007 or 2010 more effectively to manage your email and calendar, organise your mailbox and keep tasks on track. Courses run in Sydney and Melbourne.

InDesign Introduction

Adobe InDesign is used to produce high quality, attractive publications. You will learn to use the tools and techniques needed to work confidently with text, graphics, colour and layout for professional publications.

This course is available to be run on your site only.

Influencing Skills

Influencing Skills shares skills, insights and tools to increase your ability to persuade other and ultimately be more effective at work. It will leave you feeling confident and capable in any influencing situation.

Influencing Skills Advanced 1 - Convincing Conversations

Do you want to challenge perceptions, influence a team, or find new ways to motivate individuals? Influencing Skills - Convincing Conversations provides practical techniques to have quick conversations that convince and convert. It will take you to the next level in your journey to being a master of influence.

Influencing Skills Advanced 2 - Championing Strategic Change

Do you need to influence multiple stakeholders as part of a project or change program? Influencing Skills Advanced 2 driven, taking you to the next level in your journey to being a master of influence.

Job and Employability Skills

People do business with people they like. This course focuses on improving your employability from how you create a professional career profile and resumé to how you conduct yourself in interviews. You will gain powerful communication skills and be able to build a credible personal brand to sell yourself successfully when applying for jobs.

Leadership Essentials

The transition into a leadership position is both exciting and daunting. We’ll help you understand the core concepts behind quality leadership and teach you how to navigate the many challenges of being a new leader. We’ll focus on practical skills that you can easily implement back in the workplace so you can make an immediate impact on your team and their performance. We aim to help you close the gap between being a team contributor and a manager, building your confidence and ability to be an effective team leader.

Leadership Managing People

Today’s managers are expected to demonstrate vision, be excellent communicators, manage team effectively, build a culture that is invigorating and fun, and maintain a work-life balance – all part of the job! This course provides you with the skills and techniques to be a superior business leader and people manager. Courses run in Sydney and Melbourne.

Leading With Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a set of skills that help us better perceive, understand and manage emotions in ourselves and in others. 
These skills are just as important as your intellect (IQ) in shaping your success in work and in life. Everyone, no matter what job function, has interactions with other people. Our capacity to understand our emotions, to be aware of them and how they impact the way we behave and relate to others, will improve your people skills and help you ultimately be more satisfied and successful.
This program will help you develop and greatly improve your Emotional Intelligence over time if you have a foundation of self-awareness,  a desire and commitment to improve and a willingness to practice to make permanent. 

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Methodology Facilitator Program

We are the only LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Master Trainer in the APAC region!

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is an internationally renowned facilitation process used by organisations to generate innovative ideas from their staff. The methodology is based on extensive research and enables teams to address complex issues in an engaging way.

For those who want access to the full potential of the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® process, the three-day Full Certification Program prepare you to effortlessly target, promote, build and lead Serious Play® programs in a variety of unique ways to suit any organisational facilitation need. There is also emphasis placed on marketing the Serious Play process both within organisations as well as to potential client organisations. Use this powerful methodology as a transformational tool to generate changes in behaviour and in team culture.

Find out more about this methodology here

Managing Stress & Resilience

In this program participants with an understanding of the origins of stress and develop behaviours to manage it. This course also identifies what personal stress and resilience are and how to manage it within the workplace.
Most of us experience some degree of stress on a daily basis, often due to things beyond our control. How you react to stress and bounce back from it will largely influence the impact that it has on your life. Dealing with stressful situations is a skill that can be learnt and practised. In this course you’ll analyse your level of natural resilience and discover tools and strategies for improving your ability to deal with everyday challenges calmly and positively.

MS Teams Introduction

This course will introduce you to Microsoft Teams, a platform that combines workplace chat, meetings, notes, and attachments. The service integrates with the Office 365 subscription office productivity suite, including Microsoft Office and Skype. You will learn how to use MS Teams to share ideas and information and collaborate and communicate with work colleagues.

Negotiation Skills

Being able to influence and negotiate successfully helps you get ahead both in your career and in your life. In this program you will develop and practice basic skills that enable you to confidently approach future negotiations. It introduces a clear structure and approach to planning negotiations and explores techniques for exerting more influence in workplace situations. You will also have the opportunity to prepare for several practice negotiations, building your confidence at every step of the negotiation process.

Office 365 for Business

This course will introduce you to Office 365 for Business and cloud computing. You will learn how to use the Office 365 apps and services to work on your files from anywhere and collaborate with co-workers using Office Online, OneDrive, Outlook and Calendar, SharePoint Online and Teams.

Outlook Introduction

This introductory course is for anyone who needs to use Microsoft Outlook to manage email, schedule appointments, and keep track of contact information.

Performance Coaching

Capitalise on the potential of your team and provide them with opportunities for development. Unlike training or mentoring, coaching enables people to find their own solutions to the challenges they face, enhancing ownership and accountability. This course provides you with an understanding of key coaching models and skills enabling you to become a quality workplace coach. Courses run in Melbourne and Sydney.

Personal Branding

In today’s competitive market, personal branding is a necessity for the success of any organisation. Failing to align the company brand with the people who represent it can lead to negative perceptions, distrust and loss of client loyalty. Empowering individuals to take control of their personal brand ensures they gain respect as a leader and teaches others to trust, value and respect them.
This highly interactive and powerful course provides participants with the tools to discover, develop and present a clear, consistent and certain brand to further elevate their image, communicate with confidence and positively impact those around them. The result? Successful brand ambassadors for any organisation.

This course is only available for closed groups. Please email us at info@mci.edu.au or call us on 1300 768 550 to find out more. 

Photoshop Introduction

Adobe Photoshop can be used to edit and manipulate photographic images. You will learn how to open, create, modify and apply various effects to photographic images. 

This course is available to be run on your site only.

PowerPoint Advanced

This course is for experienced PowerPoint users. You will learn how to work with the advanced image enhancement tools, animations and transitions, media and action buttons, slide masters and templates, how to import data into PowerPoint and how to work collaboratively on a presentation file.

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PowerPoint Intermediate

This course builds on the skills and knowledge acquired in the PowerPoint Introduction course. You will learn how to work with themes, insert and modify images, tables, charts and shapes on your slides and how to animate content to make your presentations dynamic and engaging.

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PowerPoint Introduction

This course is an introduction to the effective design, creation and presentation of information using Microsoft PowerPoint 2016. You will learn many tips and tricks to save time when creating presentations and you will explore the tools and features in PowerPoint that will help you create engaging and dynamic presentations. This PowerPoint course is running in Sydney and Melbourne.

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Presentation Skills

Would you like to be more confident when presenting or speaking in public?
Our Presentation Skills course will help you create a genuinely engaging presentation and deliver it with confidence, clarity and conviction.

See yourself on the big screen! At the beginning of the course we will film and review your initial presentation, offering plenty of tips and constructive feedback. After 2 days of learning we’ll film and review your final presentation so we can see a before and after comparison. Because this is conducted in a safe learning environment we have found this approach to be one of the most powerful methods for improving presenting skills.

Project Advanced

This course will take you into the more advanced levels of Microsoft Project. It covers a diverse range of topics including working simultaneously on multiple projects, sharing resources between several projects, downsizing very large projects, using templates, and automating operations with VBA.

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Project Intermediate

This course is for existing users of Microsoft Project who want to extend their skills and knowledge beyond the creation of simple projects.

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Project Introduction

This course will introduce you to Microsoft Project. You will learn how to create a new project, enter and work with tasks and resources, create a schedule, and print effective project information.

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Project Management Fundamentals

Project management combines the science of managing process with the art of leading people.

Successful project management involves having a clear vision and practical tools to assist through all stages of the project life cycle.

Based on world renowned project management concepts and principles, this fundamentals course develops your project skills and knowledge and provides the tools and guidelines necessary for you to plan and manage projects, supporting team members through the change process.

Sales: Strategies for Success

Success in sales involves focusing on what your customers want, not the products or services you have to offer. In this course you will learn to identify sales opportunities and prepare and present solutions that meet customer needs. You will gain skills to build rapport with customers and examine tools and techniques to maintain lasting relationships. Courses run in Melbourne and Sydney.

SharePoint Level 1

This course will introduce you to Microsoft SharePoint. You will learn how to navigate SharePoint sites, find, edit and upload content to sites and create and manage sites and site permissions.

SharePoint Level 2

This course will extend and deepen your working knowledge of SharePoint. You will learn how to customise SharePoint elements, work with templates, create custom workflows, work with custom content types and document sets, manage security on sites and use social networking features.

Strategic Thinking and Planning

Crafting the future direction of your organisation, division or team can be a challenging task. By taking a structured and planned approach you are more likely to achieve clarity and confidence within your work. This course explores the key skills and techniques you need to take a strategic approach to achieving goals and objectives.

Time Management

Do you feel your life is out of balance or continually time pressured? This course shows you how to improve your productivity through better time management. You will examine the way work and learn ways to translate your vision into long-term objectives and short-term goals. You will return to work with a suite of effective time management techniques and a more balanced and productive work life. Courses run in Sydney and Melbourne.

Train the Trainer

Join the MCI Train the Trainer program!
This unique program has been anchored with the wonderful learnings and insights we have gathered over the last 27 years training a variety of teams across a very broad range of different industry sectors.
This is your opportunity to share in the secret formula that has ensured our sessions are memorable, enjoyable, and at the same time make the learning ‘stick’. You will learn about the latest creative learning techniques, and how to bring magic to your training sessions creating a change in the behaviour and attitude of your audience.
We want to teach you how to deliver training sessions that ROCK!

Virtual Class - Achieve Email Excellence

Email can quickly eat up huge chunks of our working day. We'll help you master it so it doesn't own you!

Virtual Class - Be Assertive in the Workplace

Would you like to be more authoritative and be able to influence others in a positive manner?

Virtual Class - Be Courageous

Do you ever feel like you don't have enough tools in your toolbox to express your opinion?

Virtual Class - Build Positive Relationships

If you've ever struggled with difficult people or want to hone your ability to network, build credibility and understand yourself, this course is for you!

Virtual Class – Build Resilience to Remain Effective

Virtual Class - Capitalise on Diversity

Embracing differences can ensure your workplace is dynamic, innovative and also harmonious.

Virtual Class - Coach and be a Mentor

Acting as a role model and guide for upcoming colleagues is one of the more rewarding aspects of working life.

Virtual Class - Collaborating - Office 365: Getting Started (S2/3)

Get started with the core Office 365 applications and services. The session will focus on using Office 365 in the cloud, on the desktop and on mobile devices with an emphasis on how to get up and running with the core office applications.

Virtual Class - Commercial Acumen

Virtual Class - Communicate with Confidence

Virtual Class - Communication and Meetings with Skype for Business

Learn how to communicate on your PC, Tablet, or Mobile with Skype for Business’ instant messaging, voice, video call, and virtual meeting technology.

Virtual Class - Converting Face-to-Face Content into Virtual Classroom Content

This practical facilitator led Virtual Classroom provides participants with the skills to proficiently convert existing face-to-face workshop content into Virtual Classroom content in a fun, eye-catching and attention-grabbing way. You will leave with a toolkit of ideas and examples to seamlessly convert existing face-to-face program collateral into virtual learning that works.

Virtual Class - Deal with Difficult Customers

Could you benefit from the ability to calmly resolve the complaints or issues raised by prickly individuals?

Virtual Class - Demonstrate Emotional Intelligence

Being able to understand our drivers and those of others at work can ensure we're able to relate postively

Virtual Class - Excel: Advanced Filters for Databases and Lists

Learn to use Advanced Filters in Excel  to summarise and analyse large data lists and complex data sets.

Virtual Class - Excel: Automation with Macros

Learn to record, run and edit Macros to automate routine Excel tasks using the Macro Recorder and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) programming code.

Virtual Class - Excel: Charts and Graphs

Learn how to display Excel data graphically using a variety of compelling charts.

Virtual Class - Excel: Collaboration and shared workbooks

Learn to share and co-author Excel workbooks and collaborate with team members online.

Virtual Class - Excel: Dashboards

Learn how to create a dashboard in Excel to help you keep a visual track of important performance measures and targets in your spreadsheet models.

Virtual Class - Excel: Data modelling with Scenarios, Goal Seek & Solver

Learn how to use Scenario Manager, Goal Seek and Solver to perform complex spreadsheet modelling and how to quickly analyse options and make better decisions.

Virtual Class - Excel: Error-proofing your spreadsheets

Learn how to find and fix common errors in spreadsheets and how to create models that have built-in error prevention mechanisms to help maintain data integrity.

Virtual Class - Excel: Fast formatting tips

Learn tips and tricks for fast formatting. Apply best practices and improve the layout and presentation of your Excel data quickly and easily.

Virtual Class - Excel: Formulas for everyday calculations

Learn how to write and edit simple formulas in Excel to calculate results. You will learn how to write formulas that add totals and calculate averages and how to use built-in formulas called Functions.

Virtual Class - Excel: Formulas for financial analysis

Learn to use Excel formulas that work on financial data. Financial functions are used to calculate many finance related operations including loan repayments, depreciation of assets and rates of return on investments.

Virtual Class - Excel: Formulas for statistical analysis

Learn how to use Excel Statistical Functions to calculate averages, standard deviations and other useful statistical information for analytical and reporting purposes.

Virtual Class - Excel: Formulas for What-If analysis

Learn how to write and edit IF formulas to return results based on variable conditions in your spreadsheet data.

Virtual Class - Excel: Formulas for working with text

Learn to use Excel Text Functions to clean up imported text and manipulate how textual data is stored and displayed.

Virtual Class - Excel: Mastering VLOOKUP formulas

Learn how to create and edit VLOOKUP and other Lookup formulas to extract data from Excel lists and tables based on variable conditions and criteria.

Virtual Class - Excel: Math Functions

Learn to use Excel Functions for complex mathematical operations. Math functions are used for many mathematical operations including adding up totals, multiplying values and rounding numbers.

Virtual Class - Excel: Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts

Learn how to create and edit Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts to quickly visualise and analyse large Excel data sets and make better business decisions.

Virtual Class - Excel: Power Pivot and Power View

Learn to use Excel Power View and Power Pivot to connect to, analyze and visualize massive amounts of data.

Virtual Class - Excel: Quick viewing and printing tips

Learn tips and tricks for viewing and printing Excel data effectively and efficiently.

Virtual Class - Excel: Sorting and Filtering Lists and Databases

Learn how to turn raw data into useful business information to help you make more informed decisions. Work with built-in, easy to use database and list management tools in Excel to analyse large sets of business data quickly and efficiently.

Virtual Class - Excel: Top ten tips

Learn ten essential tips and shortcuts that will dramatically improve the way you use Excel.

Virtual Class - High Stakes Conversations

Virtual Class - Improve Motivation for a Positive Team Culture

When you’re running a business, your team is your most important asset and biggest resource. Without them the business could not function so it’s essential that your employees feel encouraged and inspired on a daily basis.

Virtual Class - Improve your Productivity

Virtual Class - Lead your Team through Change

In this module we look at changes happening in the business, the nature of people’s reactions to change and how these impact performance in the workplace. The virtual courses increases your self-confidence by introducing you to the skills necessary to lead your team through changes.

It is delivered as a 90-minute online session. We use Adobe Connect to deliver the virtual training classroom. The course is immersive and engaging with a range of online and offline activities completed before and after the course and in between each session.

Virtual Class - Leader of the Blended Workplace

As we move into a new way of working, teams could be split between employees in the physical workplace and those working from home. Team leaders and managers will need to adopt a set of micro skills to ensure that their teams remain productive, engaged and part of a positive culture. Leaders will also be expected to maintain high levels of performance with a team that responds in an agile way to changes in business circumstances.

Virtual Class - Manage Conflict

Have you ever wished you had the ability to more effectively resolve disagreements?

Virtual Class - Meetings and Collaboration with Microsoft Office 365 Teams

Learn how to use Teams with Office 365 to create customisable, chat-based team workspaces for information, file sharing and collaboration on team projects and events.

Virtual Class - Negotiate like a Pro

Virtual Class - Offer Extraordinary Customer Service

Build a strong toolkit so that you deliver extraordinary service on a consistent and continuous basis.

Virtual Class - Office 365: OneDrive

Learn how to use OneDrive for Office 365 to share files with colleagues, upload and sync files to the cloud and work on your files from any location.

Virtual Class - Office 365: OneNote

Learn how to use OneNote with Office 365 to create digital notebooks for capturing, organising and sharing information including meeting minutes, workshop notes and other important reminders.

Virtual Class - Office 365: Planner

Learn how to use Planner with Office 365 to establish and manage small projects, share files and assign and track group tasks.