Train the Trainer

This unique program has been anchored with the wonderful learnings and insights we have gathered over the last 27 years training a variety of teams across a very broad range of different industry sectors.

This is your opportunity to share in the secret formula that has ensured our sessions are memorable, enjoyable, and at the same time make the learning ‘stick’. You will learn about the latest creative learning techniques, and how to bring magic to your training sessions creating a change in the behaviour and attitude of your audience.

We want to teach you how to deliver training sessions that ROCK!


Duration: 2 days

Learning outcomes

At the end of this program you will be able to:

  • Identify audience needs

Take a brief on what training is required by your participants so that they are more productive and able to perform at high levels.

  • Increase Trainer’s Awareness

In understanding communication and learning styles of learners and build skills to maximise impact of learning.

  • Structure a Magic session

More energisers, ice breaking, and closing activities and ‘chunking’ learning sessions to make the learning ‘stick’.

  • Beat the ‘forgetting curve’

Master an understanding of the key principles of adult learning so that you keep your training relevant and useful.

  • Use Creative Learning Techniques

Keep your participants fully engaged with the content and the key messages.

  • Deal with all types of participants

Even those resistant to learning new skills, knowledge, and work activities; Build confidence through practice develop your own ‘Trainer’s presence’ by understanding your delivery style of energising training sessions.

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