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This practical facilitator led Virtual Classroom provides participants with the skills to proficiently convert existing face-to-face workshop content into Virtual Classroom content in a fun, eye-catching and attention-grabbing way. You will leave with a toolkit of ideas and examples to seamlessly convert existing face-to-face program collateral into virtual learning that works.

  • Duration: 1 x 90 minutes
  • Category: Converting face-to-face content into Virtual Classroom content
  • Platform: Adobe Connect

  • Describe the mechanics of virtual design
  • Compare key differences between designing for virtual verses face-to-face
  • Understand the need for active participation in Virtual Classrooms
  • Design content that motivates and engages learners effectively in the live Virtual Classroom environment
  • Introduce novelty and variety as the key components to engaging Virtual Classrooms
  • Incorporate several different, suitable and interactive activities
  • Design the right number of eye-catching slides and images
  • Prepare the workbook as a valuable accompanying resource
  • Enable facilitators to bring the learning to life

  • Identify the challenges of converting existing content into Virtual Classroom format, including but not limited to time, resources and experience
  • Apply the standard principles of design: Why, What, When
  • Incorporate adult learning principles
  • Integrate fundamental principles of online learning, i.e. review, embed, apply
  • Explore techniques to grab and sustain attention when designing and converting collateral for the Virtual Classroom
  • Have learners focus on the important messages from the Virtual Classroom utilising novelty and variety
  • Utilise the mechanics and functions of the Virtual Classroom platform to their full potential
  • Ensure that learners are engaged throughout and have their hands and eyes busy constantly
  • Introduce different and surprising activities that minimise distraction
  • Recognise the importance of the quantity and quality of slides
  • Know what to, and what not to include in the workbook
  • Get facilitators ready and design what they need, including facilitator notes, scripts and timing
  • Embedding these techniques in your next virtual course

No pre/post work required.

We recommend that you test your computer prior to attending each session by clicking here
The connection test checks your computer to make sure all system requirements are met. If you pass the first three steps, then you are ready to participate.

As this is a interactive session we recommend using a headset with microphone or choosing a quiet space to work from. The chat functionality will be mainly used during the session.

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