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In today’s competitive market, personal branding is a necessity for the success of any organisation. Failing to align the company brand with the people who represent it can lead to negative perceptions, distrust and loss of client loyalty. Empowering individuals to take control of their personal brand ensures they gain respect as a leader and teaches others to trust, value and respect them.
This highly interactive and powerful course provides participants with the tools to discover, develop and present a clear, consistent and certain brand to further elevate their image, communicate with confidence and positively impact those around them. The result? Successful brand ambassadors for any organisation.

This course is only available for closed groups. Please email us at info@mci.edu.au or call us on 1300 768 550 to find out more. 

  • Duration: Half day (3.5 hours)
  • Pre-requisites: There are no pre-requisites for this course

  • Establish Your Brand Essence
  • Examine the relevance and importance of personal branding
  • Identify the elements within a personal brand
  • Analyse your core values and personal attributes
  • Develop your Personal Presence
  • Distinguish between personal brand and personal presence
  • Explore perceptions and its impact on presence
  • Identify and embrace your personality traits
  • Present Your Brand
  • Create a confident first impression through verbal and nonverbal communication
  • Construct and practise your personal elevator pitch
  • Identify new opportunities to present your brand both online and offline

Session 1: Setup

  • Welcome and build rapport
  • Pose 3 hook questions
  • Frame and set expectations
  • Introduce the learner guide
  • Timings and housekeeping
  • Agenda:
  1. Develop Your Brand Essence
  2. Personal Presence
  3. Present Your Brand
  • Introductory Group Activity: Unpack Personal Branding – Mind mapping; Introductions and set Personal Outcomes

Session 2: Your Brand Essence

  • Frame/Set the context
  • Why personal branding matters
  • The 7 elements of a personal brand
  • Introduce the Brand Essence framework
  • Activity: Values elicitation
  • Activity: Define your vision and purpose
  • Activity: Elevate your strengths and unique qualities
  • Self-reflection and group discussion

Session 3: Personal Presence

  • Frame/Set the context
  • Introduce Personal presence
  • How to establish authentic presence
  • Presence and perception
  • Activity: My personality
  • Group Activity: Personality perceptions
  • Self-reflection and group discussion

Session 4: Present Your Brand

  • Frame/Set the context
  • Introduce ‘offline and online’ brand
  • Offline: make first impressions count
  • The 3V’s of presentation – visual, vocal verbal
  • Visual: The 5 elements of visual presentation (body language, gestures, facial expressions, eye contact, dress)
  • Lead with style through professional dress
  • Group Activity: My Style personality
  • Vocal: Give your brand a voice
  • Verbal: Your personal elevator pitch
  • Activity: Create my pitch
  • Group activity: Simulated Networking Event
  • Ensure verbal and nonverbal congruence
  • Online: Create credibility through LinkedIn digital platforms
  • Activity: Brainstorm online and offline opportunities
  • Self-reflection and group discussion

Session 5: Taking Action

  • The 3C’s for continued brand management: clarity, consistency, certainty
  • Activity: Finalise framework and brand plan
  • Activity: Key Take Outs from the session
  • Completion of Action Plan & Commitments
  • Completion of course evaluation form
  • Conclude and Congratulations

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