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This course will introduce you to Microsoft SharePoint. You will learn how to navigate SharePoint sites, find, edit and upload content to sites and create and manage sites and site permissions.

  • Duration: 1 day
  • Versions: SharePoint Online (through Office 365) or SharePoint 2016 Server
  • Target Audience: New users of SharePoint Online or SharePoint 2016 Server. Anyone who needs to use SharePoint to find information, add, edit or upload content to sites and / or create and manage Teams Sites and Communication Sites or Intranets.
  • Prerequisites: None

  • Understand the basics of SharePoint Online including SharePoint sites and their components
  • Create and modify team sites
  • Navigate SharePoint sites
  • Work with OneDrive For Business
  • Understand how to work with existing SharePoint libraries
  • Create and work with files and list items
  • Create lists and libraries
  • Work with calendars and events
  • Create, modify and delete views for lists and libraries
  • Create Subsites and customise sites
  • Perform searches in SharePoint Online

Getting to Know SharePoint Online

  • What Is SharePoint
  • SharePoint Sites
  • Team Sites
  • Core Elements of a SharePoint Site
  • SharePoint Apps
  • Accessing SharePoint Online
  • Signing Out of SharePoint

Creating Team Sites

  • Sites and Site Collections
  • Understanding Creating Sites
  • Creating a Team Site
  • Quickly Changing the Theme
  • Changing the Logo
  • Change the Look Options
  • Changing the Look of a Site

Navigating a SharePoint Site

  • Navigation Elements in a SharePoint Site
  • Navigating a Site Using the Quick Launch
  • Customising the Quick Launch
  • Displaying All Content in Your Site
  • Navigating to Your Delve Profile
  • Following a Site

OneDrive for Business

  • Understanding OneDrive for Business
  • Accessing OneDrive for Business
  • Uploading Files
  • Creating New Files
  • Creating New Folders
  • Editing Files
  • Sharing Files
  • Synchronising Your Library
  • Deleting Files and Folders

Getting Started With Libraries

  • Understanding Library Apps
  • Uploading a Single File
  • Uploading Multiple Files
  • Creating a New Document in a Library
  • Selecting Files
  • Reading a Document
  • Downloading a Copy of a Document
  • Editing a Document
  • Deleting a File
  • Restoring a Deleted File

Working With Libraries

  • Understanding Document Coauthoring
  • Emailing a Link to a File
  • Synchronising a Library or Folder
  • Viewing Properties
  • Editing the Properties of a File
  • Understanding Versioning and Check Out
  • Using Check in and Check Out
  • Viewing Version History
  • Approving or Rejecting a File or List Item
  • Restoring an Earlier Version
  • Checking Permissions on Files
  • Sorting and Filtering Libraries
  • Creating an Alert on a Document
  • Creating an Alert on a Library
  • Managing Your Alerts

Working With Lists

  • Understanding Lists
  • Adding a List
  • Adding Items to a List
  • Adding Columns
  • Creating a List From a List App
  • Creating a New Item in a List
  • Creating a New List Item Using Quick Edit
  • Editing the Properties of a List Item
  • Deleting a File or List Item
  • Restoring a Deleted List item

Working With Calendars

  • Adding a Calendar
  • Adding an Event
  • Adding a Recurring Event
  • Changing an Event
  • Connecting a Calendar to Outlook
  • Working With Connected Calendars in Outlook
  • Disconnecting a SharePoint Calendar
  • Deleting an Event
  • Setting Up for Calendars Overlay
  • Using Calendars Overlay

Creating Views

  • Creating a New View From an Existing View
  • Creating a Custom View
  • Understanding the Create View Page
  • Selecting the Columns
  • Modifying a View
  • Specifying Sort Criteria
  • Specifying Filter Criteria
  • Specifying Grouping Criteria
  • Creating a Dynamic View
  • Creating a Calendar List View
  • Deleting a View

Getting Help

  • Using Help
  • Searching in SharePoint
  • Searching in a Library or List
  • Using Google to Get Help

Exercise Files

Please note there is no pre-course work for this course.

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