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Our flagship program, The Leadership Challenge focuses on the five practices that successful leaders put in to place to bring out the best in themselves and the best in those they lead. 

This 2 day program is structured as a facilitated process to ensure growth on a personal level as well as developing the critical competencies of leaders. The overall purpose of the program is to drive real commitment to going back to the work environment with strengthened credibility and determination to apply these learnings for the benefit of the teams you lead.

Program Background
This program is based on the research and methodologies of Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner who have conducted intensive research over the past twenty years in to exemplary leadership. Their book, The Leadership Challenge, has sold over 1.5 million copies worldwide and has been translated in to several languages. It has been selected as one of the top 100 business books of all time.

  • Duration: 2 days
  • Who should attend: Emerging leaders who are seeking to step up to the next level and who are prepared to undergo intensive facilitated activities to stretch and develop themselves to the full.

  • To create the essential mindsets and tools to deliver outstanding organisational results
  • To seize the multitude of opportunities that exist to bring about positive changes and to make the difference to your organisation
  • To ensure that on returning to the work environment, the behavioural changes are visible to colleagues and team members
  • To achieve changes that are sought in job performance at all levels through a voyage of self-discovery to achieve distinction
  • To lead the business forward to achieve its strategic goals in a positive, enlightened and dynamic way

The Leadership Challenge addresses the five key areas for exemplary leadership.

1) Model the way

What do leaders need to do to identify their values and to transform these values in to action? What do you do to find your voice and to set the example by aligning actions with shared values? e Adaptable Leader

2) Inspire a shared vision

How do leaders envision a preferred future and how do they involve others in this vision? What steps do you take to identify exciting and enabling possibilities and how do you enlist others by appealing to shared aspirations?

3) Enable others to act

What can you do to promote collaboration by building trust and relationships? What can you do to strengthen others by increasing self-determination and developing competence?

4) Encourage the heart

How do leaders reward and recognise individuals by celebrating the values and the victories through a spirit of community? How do you recognise the contributions of others by showing appreciation for excellence?

5) Challenge the process

How do leaders seek out opportunities by seizing the initiative, generating small wins and learning form mistakes?

Before the course

1) Email us at info@mci.edu.au or call 1300 768 550 to enrol in this course.
2) Complete a self assessment that will be sent to you. Allow approximately 20 minutes.
3) Optional: Receive a questionnaire for 360 degree faceto-face feedback from colleagues, team members and
internal or external customers.
4) Set an individual challenge statement according to a template.

After the course

1) Take time to revisit your action plan, written during the course, and your course workbook.
2) Attend a 1 hour follow-up webinar 3 months post training OR receive on-going followups to embed the learning via our easy to use app for smart phone devices.
3) Optional: Conduct a further 360 degree analysis at the 6 month stage OR step up in to our Authentic Leadership Program

If you need help or advice, email us at info@mci.edu.au or call 1300 768 550.

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