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Being able to influence and negotiate successfully helps you get ahead both in your career and in your life. In this program you will develop and practice basic skills that enable you to confidently approach future negotiations. It introduces a clear structure and approach to planning negotiations and explores techniques for exerting more influence in workplace situations. You will also have the opportunity to prepare for several practice negotiations, building your confidence at every step of the negotiation process.

  • Duration: 1 day

  • Define negotiation and influence and discuss how they overlap
  • Apply a collaborative and positional approach to negotiating
  • Adapt your personal influencing approach to suit any situation
  • Identify and apply advanced negotiation techniques
  • Determine how to positively impact a relationship with another negotiator
  • Effectively plan a negotiation meeting using a structured, step- by-step process
  • Discuss how to respond to negotiation challenges
  • Practice negotiating goals and mutually agreeable outcomes in different environments and with different stakeholders

Setting the context

  • Introduction
  • Set goals and performance outcomes

Focusing on Negotiation

  • Define what it means to negotiate
  • Identify typical negotiations that you may be involved in
  • Identify obstacles to your negotiation progress
  • Clarify specific negotiation skills that you could develop

Exploring Influence

  • Define what it means ‘to influence’
  • Understand 7 key approaches to influencing
  • Identify the approach that aligns to your personal influencing ability

Uncovering your Negotiation Style

  • Examine 5 different negotiation styles
  • Identify your natural negotiating style
  • Consider the advantages and disadvantages of each style

Developing a Principled Approach to Negotiation

  • Discover positional and principled negotiation
  • Consider the benefits of principled negotiation
  • Discuss techniques for creating a more principled negotiation

Advanced negotiating techniques

  • Develop a BATNA
  • Clarify your TRP and MOP
  • Generating options for mutual gain

The Negotiation Connection

  • Understand the value of trusting relationships
  • Consider the ‘emotional bank account’
  • Develop your rapport building skills
  • Review the Iceberg Model

Getting to the Negotiation Table

  • Use a structured process to guide your progress during a negotiation
  • Discuss the purpose, intention and agenda of a negotiation
  • Clarify underlying interests

During a Negotiation

  • Discuss the technique of framing
  • Recall strategies for dealing with emotions during a negotiation
  • Identify ways to overcome resistance
  • Carefully prepare and package key messages
  • Responding to tactics
  • Explore sensory acuity

Practice Negotiation

  • Articulate the steps for negotiation planning
  • Consider the other party’s likely objectives in the negotiation
  • Develop BATNA, TRP, and MOP
  • Use the creative process to generate options for mutual gain
  • Select suitable styles for a particular negotiation

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