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Being productive is a blend of good time management practices and using technology to support your day-to-day activities. This course helps you take control through setting priorities, recognising obstacles and handling interruptions. Use Microsoft Outlook 2007 or 2010 more effectively to manage your email and calendar, organise your mailbox and keep tasks on track. Courses run in Sydney and Melbourne.

  • Duration: 1 day
  • Pre-requisites: There are no pre-requisites for this course

  • Identify what prevents you from managing time and email effectively
  • Manage your email communication
  • Identify the difference between urgent and important activities
  • Create folders and rules to automate the filing of messages
  • Prioritise work using the ABC system
  • Plan your week using Outlook calendar tools
  • Identify key techniques for handling interruptions and saying “no”
  • Prioritise and track your to-do list by creating and categorising task

Setting the Context

  • Introduction
  • Learning outcomes
  • Participant objectives

Where Does the Time Go?

  • Don’t be a slave to your email
  • What runs your life?
  • Time bandits
  • Time for a log

Managing Emails

  • Do you declare ’email bankruptcy’?
  • You and your inbox
  • Using voting buttons to track responses
  • Using email delivery options
  • Sorting email messages

Prioritising the Important

  • Getting more from Outlook
  • The power of the important
  • The time management matrix
  • Prioritising

The Scheduling Tool – Outlook Calendar

  • References and further reading
  • Big picture planning
  • Planning your week
  • Using Outlook calendar as your planner
  • Using colour to categorise activities
  • Sharing calendars
  • Turning emails into appointments
  • Scheduling meetings using calendar

The Recording Tool – Outlook Tasks

  • Prioritising tasks using Outlook tasks for your to-do list
  • Creating and categorising tasks
  • Managing large tasks
  • Organising your time

Taming Your Inbox

  • Controlling the size of your inbox
  • Cleaning up your mailbox
  • Manually cleaning your mailbox

Handling Interruptions

  • Effectively Managing interruptions
  • Saying ‘no’ graciously

In Action

  • Creating an action plan to implement new skills

Please note there is no pre-course work for this course.

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