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Organisations must change to stay competitive and the way in which change is managed can have a dramatic effect on success. Through this program you will discover how to lead your organisation and team through change by following an 8-step process that allows you to turn your strategic vision into reality.

  • Duration: 2 days
  • Pre-requisites: There are no pre-requisites for this course

  • Use John Kotter’s 8-step change process to lead change in your organisation
  • Identify ways to increase the urgency to change
  • Define the important elements when creating a team to guide change
  • Prepare a compelling vision for the change process
  • Create strategic plans to promote the introduction of change
  • Adapt your communications to secure people’s buy-in to change
  • Apply techniques to increase participation in change initiatives
  • Build a work environment that encourages creativity and innovation
  • Develop monitoring processes to provide evidence of the success of the change
  • Implement ongoing processes to continue to seek opportunities to improve and change

Setting the Context

  • Introduction
  • Learning outcomes
  • Participant objectives

Seeing the Iceberg

  • When change doesn't work
  • The 8 steps of change
  • Our iceberg is melting
  • Identifying opportunities for change
  • Change is happening!

Building Momentum Through Urgency

  • What urgency?
  • Addressing complacency
  • Pushing up the urgency

Building the Guiding Team

  • Can I do it on my own?
  • Finding the right people
  • Trust and a common goal
  • Steps to create a guiding team

Developing Vision and Strategy

  • Why spend time on a vision?
  • Creating a vision
  • Strategic planning

Communicating to Secure Buy-In

  • Failure to communicate
  • KIS communication
  • Pitching your communications
  • Devising a communication plan
  • Checking for buy-in

Empowering Action

  • Barriers to empowerment
  • Removing barriers to change

Creating Short-Term Wins

  • Change takes time Are we progressing?
  • Communicating short-term wins
  • Don't Let Up and Make Change Stick
  • Keeping momentum going
  • Making change stick

The Story

  • Typical change characters
  • Back in the workplace

Action Plan

  • Planning to apply new skills and knowledge at work
  • References and further reading

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