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Do you need to influence multiple stakeholders as part of a project or change program? Influencing Skills Advanced 2 driven, taking you to the next level in your journey to being a master of influence.

  • Duration: 1 day
  • Prerequisites: Participants should understand the principles and techniques of influence, equivalent to those covered in MCI’s Influencing Skills Foundation program. It is recommended that you also complete the Influencing Skills Advanced 1

  • Create advocates and loyal supporters by demonstrating your credibility and authenticity
  • Successfully influence a diverse network of stakeholders
  • Construct powerful communications that persuade, motivate and convince
  • Develop a communications strategy and deliver a strong case for change

Exploring Strategic Influence

  • Review performance outcomes
  • Share goals and experiences
  • Define and discuss the value of being a strategic influencer

Establishing Credibility and Authenticity

  • Determine how you could increase personal credibility by demonstrating your expertise and trustworthiness
  • Explore the value of being authentic
  • Examine methods for improving your perceived charisma and authenticity

Engaging with Multiple Stakeholders

  • Use a stakeholder engagement strategy to secure organisational buy-in
  • Create, complete and utilise a stakeholder matrix to prepare your engagement strategy

Forming Strategic Alliances

  • Review your existing alliances and plan how to from stringer partnerships
  • Use a consultative, mutually beneficial approach to secure change advocates and engage organisational sponsors

Making a Case for Change

  • Explore different communication strategies and the benefits of each
  • Learn to use stories and anecdotes to shift perspectives and behaviours
  • Discover how to prepare a memorable and strong argument for change

Developing your Improvement Plan

  • Set actions to implement at work

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