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Adobe Photoshop can be used to edit and manipulate photographic images. You will learn how to open, create, modify and apply various effects to photographic images. 

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  • Duration: 2 days
  • Target Audience: This course will suit you if you need to create, modify and apply various effects to photographic images.
  • Versions: CS6

  • Work with the Photoshop workspace
  • Navigate images
  • Resize and crop images
  • Make and work with selections
  • Create new layers and perform other basic layer functions
  • Transform images
  • Make various colour corrections using adjustment layers
  • Use various retouching and repairing techniques to correct images
  • Use layer masks, filters and blending modes
  • Apply layer effects and save them as a style
  • Create, edit and work with text
  • Print, share and save your images in various formats

Getting to know Adobe Photoshop

  • Palettes, the toolbox and options bar
  • Creating a new image
  • Brush tool essentials and selecting colours

Navigating Images

  • The document window and navigator panel
  • The hand and zoom tools
  • Working with multiple images

Digital Image Basics

  • Resizing and resampling images
  • Cropping images

Making Selections

  • Using the marquee tools
  • Working with selections
  • The lasso and polygonal tools
  • The magic wand and quick selection tool

Working with Layers

  • Creating layers and adding images
  • Changing layer stacking order and opacity
  • Transforming layers

Transforming Images

  • Flipping, rotating and straightening images
  • Fixing perspective problems with puppet warp
  • Scaling, skewing, rotating and warping images
  • Creating a panorama

Basic Tonal and Colour Corrections

  • Using adjustment presets
  • Using levels and curves to improve contrast
  • Opening up shadows
  • Repairing photos, adjusting colours and hues
  • Converting colour images to grayscale
  • Multi-layered images

Retouching and Repairing Images

  • Removing blemishes and reducing wrinkles
  • Whitening teeth and removing red eye
  • Removing unwanted objects and wires
  • Using the clone stamp tool

Masks, Filters and Blending Modes

  • Applying vignettes
  • Blending and sharpening images
  • Adding grain with the add noise filter
  • Applying a creative filter
  • Smoothing skin

Layer Effects Images

  • Applying a drop shadow and a glow
  • Adding borders and copying effects to layers
  • Saving layer effects as a style

Working with Text

  • Changing text size and colour
  • Changing the font family
  • Warping text and drawing paths for text
  • Filling text with an image

Printing, Sharing and Saving Images

  • Printing single images
  • Creating a pdf presentation
  • Creating a web photo gallery
  • Saving files
  • Optimising photos for the web

Exercise Files

Shortcut Keys

Please note there is no pre-course work for this course.

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