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Adobe InDesign is used to produce high quality, attractive publications. You will learn to use the tools and techniques needed to work confidently with text, graphics, colour and layout for professional publications.

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  • Duration: 2 days
  • Target Audience: This course will suit you if you need to produce high quality, attractive publications.
  • Versions: CS6

  • Understand basic graphic design principles
  • Work with the features in the InDesign window
  • Select and work with tools
  • Create new documents
  • Add text to documents
  • Format text using a variety of techniques
  • Add graphics to a document
  • Create and work with layers
  • Work with and apply colour
  • Create and work with objects
  • Create and use Styles and Tables
  • Prepare your document for printing

InDesign basics

  • Navigating the Indesign workspace
  • Working with panels and navigating documents
  • Using keyboard shortcuts
  • Opening, saving and closing


  • Selecting objects and text
  • Creating frames and shapes
  • Line, transform and navigation tools

Creating documents

  • Creating ruler guides
  • Setting document bleed and slug
  • Changing screen views
  • Creating master pages
  • Inserting auto page numbering


  • Working with text frames
  • Importing text from a word document
  • Editing text and using the story editor
  • Using glyphs

Formatting Text

  • Applying a typeface and style
  • Changing font size and leading
  • Changing text alignment
  • Applying indents and adjusting kerning
  • Adjusting tracking and setting tabs
  • Drop caps, subscript and superscript
  • Creating a bulleted list


  • Using adobe bridge to place graphics
  • Using the links panel
  • Embedding graphics
  • Creating a clipping path
  • Applying text wrap
  • Creating a caption
  • Changing display performance


  • Creating and working with layers


  • Creating and adding process colours
  • Creating spot colours
  • Working with colour


  • Creating and modifying objects
  • Duplicating, arranging, grouping and distributing
  • Creating an outline

Formatting Objects

  • Corner effects, drop shadow, transparency and feathering
  • Using the eyedropper tool
  • Creating and inserting a snippet


  • Creating and using styles
  • Creating character, paragraph and object styles
  • Editing styles


  • Creating tables
  • Selection tables and table cells
  • Entering test
  • Editing, formatting and deleting

Preparing for Printing

  • Running a pre-flight check
  • Printing a document
  • Defining a print preset
  • Understanding ink handling terms
  • Adjusting overprint and trap settings
  • Creating a postscript file
  • Exporting a pdf and soft-proofing
  • Packaging a document

Exercise Files

Shortcut Keys

Please note there is no pre-course work for this course.

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