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A provider of excellent customer service uses skills and behaviours to listen to, identify and act upon the wants, needs and emotions of their customers. This course is about exploring those customer-focused behaviours to move beyond delivering just good customer service to delivering remarkable customer service. Being remarkable will delight your customers, secure loyalty and grow your business. Courses run in Sydney and Melbourne.

  • Duration: 1 day
  • Pre-requisites: There are no pre-requisites for this course

  • Recall current trends in customer service and identify your customers
  • Identify your service strengths and improvement opportunities using feedback from your workplace
  • Apply skills to engage your customers
  • Describe the concept of “remarkable” customer service
  • Respond to difficult customers assertively and with empathy
  • Identify areas where you and your organisation can be more memorable
  • Apply techniques to make your team more customer focused

Setting the Context

  • Introduction
  • Learning outcomes
  • Participant objectives

Why Serve Your Customer?

  • A world of customers
  • Current trends in customer service
  • Identifying your customer
  • Consequences of customer service
  • What’s your level of customer service?

What Do Customers Really Want?

  • Developing a customer focus
  • Customer service expedition (experiential activity)

REACH Your Customers

  • Reaching new heights in service
  • The REACH model of customer service:
    1. Response
    2. Environment
    3. Assurance
    4. Care
    5. Hippopotamus!

Skills to Engage your Customers

  • The nature of customer engagement
  • Building trust by keeping promises
  • Choosing language to maintain integrity
  • Providing written customer service
  • Building trust by listening

Being Remarkable

  • Why be remarkable?
  • Being safe is risky
  • How can you be remarkable?

Difficult Customers

  • Customer feedback and complaints
  • Walking in your customer’s shoes
  • Responding effectively

Creating a Customer-driven Team

  • Customer-driven teams
  • A remarkable story
  • Streamlining processes for better service
  • Building on customer feedback

Action Plan

  • Planning to apply the knowledge and skills back at work
  • References and further reading

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