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Do you find company meetings, workshops and seminars to be boring? Bring them to life with some new techniques to engage your staff. Design and deliver workshops, seminars, company meetings and facilitated processes according to Gamestorming methodologies.

This cutting edge process will enhance the way in which you generate ideas and align your team. Gamestorming provides a different perspective on how to reach set outcomes at the end of a session. It ensures that you work towards solving complex problems through collaborative ways of engaging groups and there is substantial theory that backs up this highly effective way of generating breakthrough results.

  • Duration: 2 days
  • Who should attend: Facilitators, Executive teams, Strategy planners, Business planning consultants and Course designers and Developers.

  • Learn the foundation of this methodology
  • Understand the key principles of Gamestorming
  • Create an overall plan that incorporates the opening, exploration and closing phases
  • Practise the core Gamestorming skills so that you know how to ask questions, set up the room, make use of visual language and use the ‘bodystorming’ techniques

One of the major challenges facing organisations is to ensure that all team members are fully engaged – this engagement creates the foundation for a positive culture which in turn sets the tone for all initiatives and business growth.

The aim of Gamestorming is to create a totally different environment to enable us to move from our starting point to our goal.  Sometimes these end goals are not always clear and visible to all stakeholders – the process of working towards these so-called ‘fuzzy goals’ allows for innovation and for the team members to uncover opportunities.

Gamestorming is about following a whole set of different methods and techniques to create and deliver sessions, workshops, meetings and training programs that achieve actionable outcomes.  

Games allow us to create a special space where we follow a set of rules and where we enter a shared world.   Games are about setting certain boundaries and developing rules for interaction.  Games can use physical artefacts and can be strung together in a whole series of activities that lead towards the end 
In order to achieve OUTSTANDING results, facilitators need a toolkit of techniques that will enable them to:
  • Design sessions that have strong openings and then move into exploring stages.  They also need to know what ways are available to close sessions so that the ideas converge into meaningful actions or consensus
  • Practise 10 key essential methods that form the foundation of all successful game-storming sessions.  These essentials include:
    1. Opening and closing sessions so that the meeting or program begins well and then has an end and concluding point
    2. The ability to ‘fire-start’ conversations so that genuine discussion takes place between all stake-holders
    3. Ways to select appropriate artefacts that will be used as pieces of the game – these could include the right post-its and drawing tools as well as pictures, or other game essentials
    4. Ways of taking ideas and formulating them in to meaningful space so that there are visual ways of capturing ideas and information
    5. Ways in which you can practise and begin to implement the fundamentals of gamestorming and the underlying principles that make it work so well
  • Apply THE core gamestorming skills for any type of session, process and meeting – these techniques include 
    1. The ability to frame questions in the right way so that you make use of opening questions, navigating questions, examining and experimental questions
    2. Creating the right type of space for game-storming.  Remember that the wall is the new table!  How are nodes created and links between ideas set up in a visual and graphic way?  How are circles, axes and grids used to structure ideas and information?
    3. Using visual language including the visual alphabet and the ability to draw basic shapes.  There is a very strong move in this direction world-wide and visual facilitation is becoming a key competence of trainers and process facilitators
    4. Improvisation – the ability to be responsive to the unexpected by creating variations to the theme 
    5. Creating and playing a short list of games and activities that are reliable and can be used in many different situations.
    6. Knowing how to use these techniques to full effect to ensure that the flow of the session is appropriate and the end goals are being achieved:
Learn how to apply many techniques such as:
  • The 7 P's framework
  • Affinity map
  • Bodystorming
  • Card sort
  • Dot voting
  • Empathy map
  • Forced ranking
  • Post-up
  • Who do
The Gamestorming process also provides facilitators with the tools to:
  • Explore a range of different games that are suitable for opening and can also be used as building blocks for larger activities
  • Review and try out other games that are more suited to the exploration or closing phases
Gamestorming is literally taking the facilitation world ‘by storm’.  The value of sessions that follow these key methods and principles ensure that project managers and organizational leaders avoid the types of mistakes that arise from a lack of clarity about the goals and objectives of a project and about the ramifications of a process change in a complex system. 

The loss of productivity, that we know all too well, that results in high levels of frustration combined with meetings that lead nowhere and are often unnecessary – could  be prevented by following techniques that are collaborative and able to produce strong results.

The serious games that encompass Gamestorming enable teams to solve complex problems through collaborative play.  This broad catalogue of games can be introduced in a wide range of settings and forms the basis for successful outcomes..


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