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Effective communication is pivotal to building and maintaining lasting working relationships. This course will provide you with techniques to communicate effectively with others, make the most of your interactions and achieve your desired outcomes. By connecting with others, you can ensure that your message is heard, understood and responded to. Courses run in Sydney and Melbourne.

  • Duration: 1 day
  • Pre-requisites: There are no pre-requisites for this course

  • Describe the filters and fears that affect and restrict your communications
  • Identify and describe different communication styles
  • Outline the importance of cultural differences to effective communication
  • Manage your own perceptions and the perceptions of others during interactions
  • Outline the Three Vs of communication and their impact on how we are perceived by others
  • Apply empathic listening techniques and questioning to ensure understanding
  • Articulate the benefits of communicating assertively
  • Apply techniques for making effective requests and promises


  • The context of this program
  • Learning outcomes
  • Personal objectives

Understanding Communication

  • Why do we communicate?
  • Can we define communication?
  • The dance of communication
  • How do you communicate at work?
  • Communication awareness

Communication Styles

  • Communication styles
  • Structuring a communication using 4MAT
  • Knowing your audience

The Role of Perceptions

  • The 5 sins of communication
  • Perceptions
  • Influencing the perceptions of others
  • Managing your perceptions

Techniques to Ensure Understanding

  • Levels of listening
  • Becoming an empathic listener
  • Using questions to ensure understanding

Assertive Communication

  • The importance of being assertive
  • Saying “no” graciously
  • Making effective requests
  • Promising
  • Asking someone to dance

Action Plan

  • Planning to apply new skills and knowledge at work
  • References and further reading

Before the course

Want to get the most out of this experience? To prepare for your Communication: Making Connections course, please:

  • Complete the Communication Styles Questionnaire
  • Ask 3 colleagues to provide feedback about how you communicate by completing the Communications Feedback Questionnaire. We recommend that you ask your Manager, and two peers. Ask that they be honest and constructive with the feedback that they provide. Take time to review the feedback.
  • Consider these questions and note your answers:
    • If you could change/enhance 3 things about the way you communicate, what would you change?
    • What is the consequence of you not changing or enhancing your communication?

Bring these things with you to the course. If you need help or advice, email us at info@mci.edu.au or call 1300 768 550.

2 weeks after the course

Take time to revisit your action plan, written during the course, and your course workbook.

You might want to review some key concepts from the course, and complete these activities:

  • Review the 4MAT Model and identify the different styles in your team, including your manager. Consider:
    • Who do you find challenging to communicate with?
    • Identifying their style, how can you adapt the way you communicate to create a better working relationship?
  • Write a daily journal about what you perceive happens throughout the day. Don’t worry about spelling or grammar; simply write what comes to mind. When you have written everything you have noticed, experienced and felt throughout the day, step back and challenge your perceptions by asking.
    • How could others have perceived/interpreted what you have experienced today?
    • Were your perceptions helpful?
    • What are you now realising about your perceptions for the day?
    • Do your perceptions effecting the way you communicate with others?

What do you commit to focusing on improving in the next 2 weeks?

If you need help or advice, email us at info@mci.edu.au or call 1300 768 550.

4 weeks after the course

These activities can assist you in enhancing your communication skills:

  • For the next week: Make listening your focus. Pay extra attention to really ‘listening’ to others. Use active and empathetic listening techniques. At the end of the week reflect on whether really listening has made a difference to the quality of your relationships.
  • For the second week: Make asking questions your focus for the week. Become really curious when talking with others and practice asking questions to discover information. At the end of the week notice the impact asking questions has had on the quality of your communication.
  • Read the article ‘Communication Skills Refresher’.

We would love to hear about your results! Please get in touch by sending an email to info@mci.edu.au.

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