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Do you want to challenge perceptions, influence a team, or find new ways to motivate individuals? Influencing Skills - Convincing Conversations provides practical techniques to have quick conversations that convince and convert. It will take you to the next level in your journey to being a master of influence.

  • Duration: 1 day
  • Prerequisites:Participants in this course should understand the principles and basic techniques of influence, equivalent to those covered in MCI’s Influencing Skills Foundation course.

  • Demonstrate a collaborative approach to situations requiring influence
  • Describe different behavioural styles in the workplace
  • Tailor your communications to influence different behavioural styles
  • Construct powerful communications that persuade, motivate and convince

Exploring Influence

  • Welcome
  • Recap: the fundamentals of influence
  • Review performance outcomes
  • Share goals and experiences
  • Clarify business benefits of being a strategic influencer

Emotional Intelligence and Influence

  • Emotional Intelligence (EI) and Social Intelligence (SI)
  • Discover how increasing EI and SI can help you be more persuasive
  • Use techniques to develop your EI and SI at work

Adapting to Behavioural Styles

  • Understand the different Business Behavioural Styles
  • Explore building strong relationships with individuals with different styles
  • Learn techniques to tailor your communications to best influence each style

Constructing Persuasive Messages

  • Understand how to motivate others and influence their decisions
  • Construct and deliver persuasive messages that encourage action
  • Enhance your use of influencing techniques such as framing, questioning and silence
  • Explore and practice techniques to address reluctance, rejections and resistance

Developing your Improvement Plan

  • Set actions to implement at work

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