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The transition into a leadership position is both exciting and daunting. We’ll help you understand the core concepts behind quality leadership and teach you how to navigate the many challenges of being a new leader. We’ll focus on practical skills that you can easily implement back in the workplace so you can make an immediate impact on your team and their performance. We aim to help you close the gap between being a team contributor and a manager, building your confidence and ability to be an effective team leader.

  • Duration: 1 day
  • Pre-requisites: There are no pre-requisites for this course

  • Define leadership and a leader’s responsibilities
  • Create a leadership development plan
  • Distinguish between a manager and a leader
  • Outline the 5 leadership competencies and their benefits
  • Use active listening techniques to build relationships
  • Evaluate various perspectives to gain a big picture view
  • Set SMARTIES goals in your action plan
  • Make effective requests and set clear expectations
  • Identify tasks to be delegated and delegate appropriately


  • Setting the context
  • Learning outcomes
  • Personal objectives

The Leadership Journey

  • The new leader
  • Creating impact as a leader
  • Developing a workplace action plan

The Role of a Leader

  • The definition of leadership
  • Your experiences of leadership
  • Leader versus manager
  • Leadership behaviours – 5 leadership competencies
  • Your leadership skills
  • From vision to action
  • A leader’s responsibility

Essential Skills for Leaders

  • Being a positive promoter
  • Building relationships
  • Setting expectations
  • Making effective requests
  • Big picture thinking
  • Developing a goal oriented approach
  • Delegation

Action Plan

  • Workplace action plan
  • References and further reading

Before the course

Want to get the most out of this experience? To prepare for your Leadership Essentials course, please:

If you need help or advice, email us at info@mci.edu.au or call 1300 768 550.

2 weeks after the course

Take time to revisit your action plan, written during the course, and your course workbook.

You might want to review some key concepts from the course, and complete these activities:

  • Practice ‘Developing Goal Orientation’. Write 3 SMARTIES goals for the next month for each of the following categories:
    • Personal goals
    • Personal leadership
    • Goals
    • Team goals
  • Practice building relationships with your team. Organise time to meet with each team member, with the purpose of finding out how they think the team is performing. Practice really listening. Take this opportunity to set your expectations for each team member.

What do you commit to focusing on improving in the next 2 weeks?

If you need help or advice, email us at info@mci.edu.au or call 1300 768 550.

4 weeks after the course

These activities can assist you in enhancing your team leadership skills:

  • Complete the Competency Questionnaire to evaluate where you have improved and where you need to focus your development. Discuss your findings with your manager and together create a development plan for the next month.
  • Practicse Big Picture Thinking. Step back from day-to-day operations and take time to complete a SWOT Analysis of your area. Discuss you findings with your manager and create a plan of what you could do to improve your area.

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