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Microsoft Visio Professional is an application used for creating diagram to simplify complex information.  
This course introduces you to Microsoft Visio and the basic tools you need to use to create business diagrams. You will learn how to create shapes, use containers and connectors and work with text.

  • Duration: 1 day
  • Versions: This course is suitable for users of Visio 2010, 2013, 2106
  • Target Audience: Beginner. This course is for new users of Visio.
  • Prerequisites: Basic familiarity with Windows applications.

  • Open, create and work with stencils
  • Work with shapes
  • Join shapes using connectors
  • Create and modify containers
  • Work with text
  • Work with page tools

Getting to Know Visio 

  • Starting Visio in Windows 10
  • Understanding the Start Screen
  • Creating a New Drawing From a Template
  • The Visio Screen
  • How Microsoft Visio 2016 Works
  • Using the Ribbon
  • Minimising the Ribbon
  • Understanding the Backstage View
  • Accessing the Backstage View
  • Using Shortcut Menus
  • Understanding Dialog Boxes
  • Launching Dialog Boxes
  • Understanding the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Adding Commands to the QAT
  • Understanding the Status Bar
  • Customising the Status Bar
  • Saving a New Drawing
  • Exiting Safely From Visio

Working With Stencils

  • Understanding Stencils
  • The Shapes Window
  • Quick Shapes
  • Using Quick Shapes
  • Creating a Custom Stencil
  • Opening a Stencil
  • Editing a Stencil
  • Closing a Stencil

Working With Shapes

  • Placing Shapes From a Stencil
  • Selecting Shapes
  • Resizing Shapes
  • Moving Shapes
  • Copying Cutting and Pasting Shapes
  • Duplicating Shapes
  • Rotating and Flipping Shapes
  • Ordering Shapes
  • Merging Shapes to Create New Shapes
  • Grouping and Ungrouping Shapes
  • Aligning Shapes
  • Aligning Shapes Using the Dynamic Grid
  • Distributing Shapes
  • Changing Shapes
  • Using Snap and Glue

Formatting Shapes

  • Applying Quick Styles
  • Formatting the Fill
  • Formatting Lines
  • Applying Effects
  • Using the Format Painter
  • Using Undo and Redo
  • Protecting Shapes

Working With Connectors

  • Connecting Shapes
  • Automatically Adding Connected Shapes
  • Connecting Existing Shapes
  • Inserting and Deleting Shapes
  • Adding Text to Connectors
  • Changing Connectors
  • Working With Connection Points
  • Formatting Connectors


  • Adding Containers
  • Adding Shapes to a Container
  • Formatting Containers
  • Deleting Containers

Working With Text

  • Adding Text to Shapes
  • Formatting Text
  • Adding Text to the Page
  • Editing Text
  • Using Find and Replace
  • Aligning Text
  • Moving Text
  • Creating Bulleted Lists
  • Creating Tables
  • Spell Checking Text

Working With Pages

  • Inserting Pages
  • Naming Pages
  • Duplicating Pages
  • Changing Page Order
  • Deleting Pages
  • Applying a Background Style
  • Adding Headers and Footers
  • Inserting a Logo
  • Assigning a Background Page to Other Pages
  • Page Size and Orientation


Exercise Files

Visio-2010 Exercise Files

Challenge Exercise Files

Please note there is no pre-course work for this course.

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