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Coaching for trainers transitioning to Virtual Classroom delivery

Virtual Classroom training requires a range of skills that are dissimilar to face-to-face training. From nuances such as supreme finger dexterity to multi-tasking skills for the often fast paced chats with participants, speed reading comments in the chat box and bringing up engaging activities that ensure minimal to no distractions – it requires fast thinking and acting.

Over and above this, you need to master your broadcasting voice, ensure a professional and eloquent online presence and deftly weave in the most amazingly designed slide deck that enlivens the program and entices participants to interact. This is no small feat!

To support and guide any Learning & Development specialists, new or fairly new to virtual classroom trainers or skilled face-to-face trainers making the transition to this modality of learning, MCI Solutions are offering individual and group coaching sessions in the following three areas:

Design of virtual class programs

Delivery of virtual class programs

Technology/platform advice and training

These coaching sessions are designed to be hands on, practical, relevant and specific to each person and their particular requirements. Each participant will have an opportunity to have their own virtual classroom design and delivery reviewed. This will be followed by detailed feedback, content edits, recommendations, top tips, Q&A and troubleshooting for design, delivery and the delivery platform.

We aim to elevate your confidence and grow your virtual classroom skillset significantly!

Let's chat and explore how we can help you!

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