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A virtual classroom subscription service that provides

live, facilitated and highly engaging virtual classes

for your employees wherever they are!

Our Live Virtual Classroom Subscription addresses the need for diversity of learning modalities that organisations offer their employees for professional development.

There is no doubt that the pandemic had an accelerating effect on virtual learning. However, we have been doing this for years. The increase in flexible work arrangements demand more diversity in your learning blend, given limited face to face and what some now call elearning fatigue. The virtual classroom offers an effective, practical and economical way to provide professional development for your employees.

Australia's Virtual Classroom Leaders

What is MCI’s Live Virtual Classroom Subscription Service?

Our Live Virtual Classroom Subscription addresses the need for diversity of modalities of learning opportunities for professional development in most organisations. The Virtual Classroom is a more convenient, economical, practical, and experientially optimal modality that allows your employees to select whatever course they wish to attend and complete it in 90 minutes!


  • Sessions are convenient, short & sharp – only 90-minutes per session
  • Virtual training for employees Learn in the flow of work 
  • Location is not a factor – learn from your desk in the office, home office, library, co-work- space or hotel. All you need is your laptop, headphones, your attention, and your participation.
  • It is easy to book a session  
  • The virtual learning courses are engaging and highly interactive  
  • Interact and collaborate live with your peers from your own and other organisations 
  • Plan your professional development schedule well in advance with minimal impact on your work schedule  
  • Create learning pathways that build your capability  
  • Make the most of your time with the live facilitator – ask questions as you learn  


  • Price up to 90% discount off RRP
  • It is a rationalised and economical solution to professional development that more closely aligns your investment with actual uptake 
  • It compliments other learning modalities but provides a deeper skillsbuilding experience for the learner than any other online learning modality  
  • It boosts employee engagement and activates learning culture by the convenience and availability of learning on offer together with the quality of the pedagogy 
  • Fosters experience in virtual collaboration for hybrid teams as it serves as an extension of the virtual office for team bonding that does not necessarily revolve around a work-related project or task  
  • Practical and convenient solution for disparate workforces
  • Enables Learning in the flow of work  this significantly increases enrolment and completion
  • Virtual training for employees providing an attractive learning opportunity for time poor professionals
  • Open skills building learning opportunities to your workforce regardless of where they are – perfect for hybrid workplaces  
  • streamlined procurement process for a learning solution that if rolled out individually would be administratively untenable  
  • We have seen the best attendance vs cancellation ratios – much better than in F2F training. Given the shorter duration and convenience of the modality we see less cancellation
  • Unparalleled cost vs usage/uptake ratio when compared to learning based subscriptions

60 sessions per month - Guaranteed

We guarantee 60 sessions will run each month! The virtual courses vary depending on demand but are scheduled in advance so participants can plan their schedules accordingly. Below are a few of the titles:

Manage Conflict

Communicate and Influence others

Managing Change and Ambiguity

Personal Branding

Automation with Macros

Organising and Prioritising with Outlook

Offer Extraordinary Customer Service

Negotiate like a Pro

Solve Problems Creatively

Be Courageous

Negotiate like a Pro

Be Assertive in the Workplace

Remote Leadership

Optimise Your Day/Improve your Time Management

Sorting and Filtering Lists and Databases

Styles and Tables of Content

Be a great Communicator

Office 365: Getting Started

Own your career

Designing for the virtual Classroom (Part 1/3)

Engaging activities to bring content to life (Part 2/3)

Confidence in delivering virtual classroom (Part 3/3)

Build Resilience to Remain Effective

Animation and transition effects

Making Outlook Work for You

Office 365: Teams

Modelling Scenarios, Problem Solving and Forecasting

Lead Virtual Meetings

Writing Effective Emails

Building High-Performing Teams

Effective virtual presentations

Emotional Intelligence in Teams

How to subscribe?

Getting started is as easy as the following steps:

Choose one of the five plans that works best for you

Decide on either monthly billing or annual billing (additional incentives for annual)

Establish your internal utilisation protocols if required (we can help)

Decide on reporting frequency options

Off you go… your organisation is ready to dive into MCI’s live virtual learning courses

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