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Welcome to a new way of learning!


MCI LIVE is a revolutionary way to provide professional development training to your team! It is a virtual classroom subscription that enables everyone in your organisation to book on to a live virtual session as many times as they want. Professional development courses as well as desktop training are incorporated in to the exciting new MCI LIVE calendar. 

Each session is 90 minutes in duration and the sessions are facilitator-led making them highly interactive to encourage questions and discussion. This is a key difference to self-paced online course libraries because it enables the group to address individual questions and any challenges the learners may be facing. This is all done in real time.

To embed the learning – each participant receives a PDF Learner Guide to take notes during the live session and to keep as a quick reference guide.

Would you like to have a taste of MCI LIVE?

Join us for a complimentary sneak peek at MCI LIVE, our virtual classroom Professional Development series of programs! Join us on these sessions to experience the power of the virtual classroom! We’ll be running monthly sessions, so you can choose the one that works best for you. 

Thursday, October 4

12pm - 1pm

Thursday, November 1

12pm - 1pm

Tuesday, December 4

12pm - 1pm

An unique and innovative solution


It is not always feasible to attend a full day of face to face training, or some may want to learn a single, specific topic. For some, it is a loss of productivity that leaves them with the difficult choice to either sacrifice time attending to critical outcomes or to not learn information which they know they need, now.

Organisations are seeking more learning opportunities that are closer to being in the ‘flow of work’ using tools that are easy to access and have direct relevance to their context. For many business outcomes that are enhanced or addressed by learning, a critical mass of learners is required in the organisation to realise the benefits. Face to face learning does not always get that critical mass due to time and cost constraints, and the organisation risks disengagement or employees without the right skills.

What's in it for the business?

  • People are time-poor and want information in a user-friendly and easy to follow format, without leaving their desks.
  • Increase skills, engage teams and build a culture of ongoing lifelong learning for everyone – not just a select few.
  • Track data to ensure a strong ROI.

What's in it for the participant?

  • Feel part of a community of learners and gain knowledge and skills from peers, colleagues and the experienced facilitator.
  • Learn in their own time OR show the virtual class on a screen as a lunch and learn session to enhance the learning experience with other team members.
  • A wide range of popular programs to choose from so that skills and knowledge – and how to apply them in the workplace – improve rapidly.
Stretch your training budget further

How does it work?

Subscribe your company

Create a company portal, that can be linked to your LMS, to enable individuals or their managers to enrol in sessions

Prepare to launch the program to create excitement and interest

Gamify the program by using suggestions from MCI

Track data to gain insights in to who is actively participating and what the benefits are for them

Our subscription model

Unlimited seats

Monthly fee*

Pricing model based on number of employees

* Pay as you go also available

Convenience combined with great learning

List of courses included:

Microsoft Office Courses

Excel Courses:

Virtual Class – Excel: Advanced Filters for Databases and Lists

Learn to use Advanced Filters in Excel  to summarise and analyse large data lists and complex data sets.

Virtual Class – Excel: Automation with Macros

Learn to record, run and edit Macros to automate routine Excel tasks using the Macro Recorder and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) programming code.

Virtual Class – Excel: Charts and Graphs

Learn how to display Excel data graphically using a variety of compelling charts.

Virtual Class – Excel: Collaboration and shared workbooks

Learn to share and co-author Excel workbooks and collaborate with team members online.

Virtual Class – Excel: Dashboards

Learn how to create a dashboard in Excel to help you keep a visual track of important performance measures and targets in your spreadsheet models.

Virtual Class – Excel: Data modelling with Scenarios, Goal Seek & Solver

Learn how to use Scenario Manager, Goal Seek and Solver to perform complex spreadsheet modelling and how to quickly analyse options and make better decisions.

Virtual Class – Excel: Error-proofing your spreadsheets

Learn how to find and fix common errors in spreadsheets and how to create models that have built-in error prevention mechanisms to help maintain data integrity.

Virtual Class – Excel: Fast formatting tips

Learn tips and tricks for fast formatting. Apply best practices and improve the layout and presentation of your Excel data quickly and easily.

Virtual Class – Excel: Formulas for everyday calculations

Learn how to write and edit simple formulas in Excel to calculate results. You will learn how to write formulas that add totals and calculate averages and how to use built-in formulas called Functions.

Virtual Class – Excel: Formulas for financial analysis

Learn to use Excel formulas that work on financial data. Financial functions are used to calculate many finance related operations including loan repayments, depreciation of assets and rates of return on investments.

Virtual Class – Excel: Formulas for statistical analysis

Learn how to use Excel Statistical Functions to calculate averages, standard deviations and other useful statistical information for analytical and reporting purposes.

Virtual Class – Excel: Formulas for What-If analysis

Learn how to write and edit IF formulas to return results based on variable conditions in your spreadsheet data.

Virtual Class – Excel: Formulas for working with text

Learn to use Excel Text Functions to clean up imported text and manipulate how textual data is stored and displayed.

Virtual Class – Excel: Mastering VLOOKUP formulas

Learn how to create and edit VLOOKUP and other Lookup formulas to extract data from Excel lists and tables based on variable conditions and criteria.

Virtual Class – Excel: Math Functions

Learn to use Excel Functions for complex mathematical operations. Math functions are used for many mathematical operations including adding up totals, multiplying values and rounding numbers.

Virtual Class – Excel: Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts

Learn how to create and edit Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts to quickly visualise and analyse large Excel data sets and make better business decisions.

Virtual Class – Excel: Power Pivot and Power View

Learn to use Excel Power View and Power Pivot to connect to, analyze and visualize massive amounts of data.

Virtual Class – Excel: Quick viewing and printing tips

Learn tips and tricks for viewing and printing Excel data effectively and efficiently.

Virtual Class – Excel: Sorting and Filtering Lists and Databases

Learn how to turn raw data into useful business information to help you make more informed decisions. Work with built-in, easy to use database and list management tools in Excel to analyse large sets of business data quickly and efficiently.

Virtual Class – Excel: Top ten tips

Learn ten essential tips and shortcuts that will dramatically improve the way you use Excel.

Office 365 Courses:

Virtual Class – Office 365: Getting started

Get started with the core Office 365 applications and services. The session will focus on using Office 365 in the cloud, on the desktop and on mobile devices with an emphasis on how to get up and running with the core office applications.

Virtual Class – Office 365: OneDrive

Learn how to use OneDrive for Office 365 to share files with colleagues, upload and sync files to the cloud and work on your files from any location.

Virtual Class – Office 365: OneNote

Learn how to use OneNote with Office 365 to create digital notebooks for capturing, organising and sharing information including meeting minutes, workshop notes and other important reminders.

Virtual Class – Office 365: Planner

Learn how to use Planner with Office 365 to establish and manage small projects, share files and assign and track group tasks.

Virtual Class – Office 365: Sway

Learn how to use Sway with Office 365 to create and share engaging, interactive online presentations, reports and stories.

Virtual Class – Office 365: Teams

Learn how to use Teams with Office 365 to create customisable, chat-based team workspaces for information and file sharing and for collaboration on team projects and events.

Virtual Class – Office 365: Yammer

Learn how to use Yammer with Office 365 as a private microblogging and collaboration platform for enterprise social networking.

PowerPoint Courses:

Virtual Class – PowerPoint: Animation and transition effects

Learn how to use animation and slide transitions to make your presentations more dynamic and engaging. You will learn how to animate bullet points and other shapes and how to use engaging transition effects to move from one slide to the next during your presentation.

Virtual Class – PowerPoint: Creating your first slide show presentation

Learn how to create a dynamic, engaging slide show presentation using PowerPoint.

Virtual Class – PowerPoint: Images, tables, charts and shapes

Learn how to insert and use images, tables, charts and shapes to improve the appearance and effectiveness of your PowerPoint presentation.

Word Courses:

Virtual Class – Word: Collaborating on documents with Track Changes

Learn how to collaborate on a Word document with co-workers by using Track Changes and other reviewing and document protection tools.

Virtual Class – Word: Creating long documents using Section breaks

Learn how to use Section breaks to create long documents with different page layouts and alternating headers and footers.

Virtual Class – Word: Mastering Fields

Learn how to use Fields to make your Word documents dynamic. You will learn about Formula fields, Date and Time fields and REF fields and learn how to use FILLIN fields to capture user input through pop-up dialogs.

Virtual Class – Word: Mastering images and shapes

Learn how to insert and edit images into your Word documents and how to illustrate documents with shapes and drawn objects.

Virtual Class – Word: Mastering Macros

Learn how to save time by automating routine tasks and processes in Word using the Macro recorder.

Virtual Class – Word: Mastering Mail Merge

Learn how to use Word's Mail Merge function to send out a personalised mail-out of a standard letter or document to a large group of recipients.

Virtual Class – Word: Mastering Tables

Learn to easily insert, edit and format Tables in Word documents to improve readability and document effectiveness.

Virtual Class – Word: Mastering Templates

Learn how to save time by using the built-in templates provided in Word and by creating your own customized, re-usable document templates

Virtual Class – Word: Styles and Tables of Content

Learn how to create and use Word Styles to format headings and paragraph layouts consistently and quickly. You will also use Styles to generate a Table of Contents for a long document.

Project Courses:

Virtual Class – Project: Lesson 1 Creating a project

Learn how to use MS Project to create and manage projects. Our MS Project virtual training course is delivered as 4 x 90 minute lessons. Participants need to enroll in all 4 MS Project lessons. This first lesson will cover the essentials skills for creating and saving your first project file. 

Virtual Class – Project: Lesson 2 Scheduling tasks

Learn how to use MS Project to create and manage projects. Our MS Project virtual training course is delivered as 4 x 90 minute lessons. Participants need to enroll in all 4 MS Project lessons. This second lesson will cover the essentials skills for entering tasks and scheduling. 

Virtual Class – Project: Lesson 3 Resources, materials, costs and constraints

Learn how to use MS Project to create and manage projects. Our MS Project virtual training course is delivered as 4 x 90 minute lessons. Participants need to enroll in all 4 MS Project lessons. This third lesson will cover the essentials skills for managing resources, materials, costs and constraints associated with a project. 

Virtual Class – Project: Lesson 4 Tracking and reporting

Learn how to use MS Project to create and manage projects. This MS Project virtual training course is delivered as 4 x 90 minute lessons. Participants need to enroll in all 4 MS Project lessons. This last lesson will cover the essentials skills for tracking and reporting on the progress of a project. 

Visio Courses:

Virtual Class – Visio: Lesson 1 Getting started

Learn how to use MS Visio to create a range of business diagrams. The course is delivered as 4 x 90 minute lessons. Participants need to enroll in all 4 Visio lessons. This first lesson will cover the essentials skills for navigating Visio, working with stencils and creating basic Visio shapes.

Virtual Class – Visio: Lesson 2 Shapes, connectors and containers

Learn how to use Visio to create a range of business diagrams. The course is delivered as 4 x 90 minute lessons. Participants need to enroll in all 4 Visio lessons.This second lesson will cover the essentials skills for formatting shapes, working with connectors and working with containers. 

Virtual Class – Visio: Lesson 3 Working with text and pages

Learn how to use Visio to create a range of business diagrams. The course is delivered as 4 x 90 minute lessons. Participants need to enroll in all 4 Visio lessons.This lesson will cover the essentials skills for working with text and pages. 

Virtual Class – Visio: Lesson 4 Org charts and flow diagrams

Learn how to use Visio to create a range of business diagrams. The course is delivered as 4 x 90 minute lessons. Participants need to enroll in all 4 Visio lessons. This lesson will cover the essential skills for creating organisation charts and workflow diagrams. 

Professional Development Courses

Communication Skills:

Virtual Class – Achieve Email Excellence

Email can quickly eat up huge chunks of our working day. We’ll help you master it so it doesn’t own you!

Virtual Class – Be a Great Communicator

Being able to present your ideas effectively and understand the needs of your colleagues is crucial in today’s workplace.

Virtual Class – Be Assertive in the Workplace

Would you like to be more authoritative and be able to influence others in a positive manner?

Virtual Class – Build Positive Relationships

If you’ve ever struggled with difficult people or want to hone your ability to network, build credibility and understand yourself, this course is for you!

Virtual Class – Communicate with Confidence

Virtual Class – Deal with Difficult Customers

Could you benefit from the ability to calmly resolve the complaints or issues raised by prickly individuals?

Virtual Class – High Stakes Conversations

Virtual Class – Manage Stress to Remain Effective

Virtual Class – Negotiate like a Pro

Virtual Class – Offer Extraordinary Customer Service

Virtual Class – Structure Your Presentation for Maximum Engagement


Virtual Class – Capitalise on Diversity

Embracing differences can ensure your workplace is dynamic, innovative and also harmonious.

Virtual Class – Coach and be a Mentor

Acting as a role model and guide for upcoming colleagues is one of the more rewarding aspects of working life.

Virtual Class – Improve Motivation for a Positive Team Culture

Virtual Class – Lead your Team through Change

In this module we look at changes happening in the business, the nature of people’s reactions to change and how these impact performance in the workplace. The virtual course increases your self-confidence by introducing you to the skills necessary to lead your team through changes.

It is delivered as a 90-minute online session. We use Adobe Connect to deliver the training in a virtual classroom. The course is immersive and engaging with a range of online and offline activities completed before and after the course and in between each session.

Virtual Class – Run Effective Meetings

Self Management:

Virtual Class – Be Courageous

Do you ever feel like you don’t have enough tools in your toolbox to express your opinion?

Virtual Class – Improve Time Management

Do you feel your life is out of balance or continually time pressured? This course shows you how to improve your productivity through better time management. You will examine the way work and learn ways to translate your vision into long-term objectives and short-term goals.

Virtual Class – Improve your Productivity

Virtual Class – Lead Yourself Through Change

The ability to successfully adapt to change has never been more important for teams and individuals.

Virtual Class – Own your career

Work in a team:

Virtual Class – Demonstrate Emotional Intelligence

Being able to understand our drivers and those of others at work can ensure we’re able to relate postively

Virtual Class – Effective Feedback Strategies for Success

Virtual Class – Manage Conflict

Have you ever wished you had the ability to more effectively resolve disagreements?

Virtual Class – Overcome team dysfunction to build high performance

Virtual Class – Solve Problems Creatively

In our innovation economy, the ability to create novel solutions to problems will distinguish good teams from great teams.

If the course you need isn’t listed, that’s no problem. We can deliver most of our existing classroom courses as Virtual Courses. Just ask us. Alternatively, if you would like to organise a closed course for your organisation, just get in touch with us.

Other advantages of using MCI

  • Avoid the loneliness of self paced modules and enter a community of learners to ensure that the experience is more contextualised than a generic online program.
  • No restriction on the number of participants attending various programs, as fits with their career path, performance needs and succession plans.
  • A wide schedule of both professional development and desktop training opportunities that ensure upskilling of your team members, managers and leaders.
  • Australian facilitators.
  • Learning consistency across regional locations.

Not ready to subscribe?

No worries, we have you covered! You can also pay per session or purchase vouchers to assist all or some team members to access the short, sharp Professional Development or desktop training classes.

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