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Digital learning courses to support wellness at work

MCI Digital is our carefully selected range of digital learning courses developed specifically to focus on the behavioural aspects of critical employee and workplace related challenges – especially in relation to wellness. These modules develop often overlooked skills required by workers to navigate the modern workplace learning.

MCI Digital is developed in strict adherence to our 4L Instructional Design Methodology. This incorporates micro-content that is easy to navigate, and what’s more, perfect for embedding skills. This means our content can be accessed by your employees as and when they need it on any device that suits their needs. 

The e-learning courses, while bite sized, are designed to drive behavioural change. They are completed over a longer period of time and not in one sitting with content that is highly engaging, scenario-driven and outcomes focused.

Our pillars:

About our modules

The e-learning courses online can be consumed at your own pace, and in the chunks, you need as and when you need them until the full journey of the topic is completed.

They can be hosted on your own LMS/LXP or on MCI’s – whatever is most convenient for you. They are available in SCORM files to ensure that you can readily deploy.

Want to add on in-person e-learning or virtual classrooms to the digital modality? MCI has various options for you including interactive workshops that provide your teams with practical scenarios to explore that relate directly to your business. 

And what’s more: we provide you with the option of more intensive practice through our virtual reality platform. This type of immersive experience embeds skills for immediate workplace application.

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