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Whatever learning solution you need, we have you covered:

Instructional Design & Learning Consulting

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In today’s rapidly changing business environment, organisations often need temporary specialist skills for a project or business initiative to augment or extend their existing teams capability. Rather than going through the often complex, time-consuming and expensive recruitment process, where quality resources are not guaranteed, MCI Solutions can provide you with the right people to ensure your project’s success.

We can manage the project for you or provide you with designers to join your team.

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Your people are the most important asset you have.  We have a depth of experience in developing organisations’ capability and development frameworks. 

These frameworks are used to hire the right people and provide them with the development they need to do the job.

We work with organisation to develop learning initiatives that are unique to your business.  From your induction programs, training program around your products and systems, knowledge management. 

We incorporate blended learning models and 70:20:10 initiatives to maximise the transfer of skills and knowledge to the workplace. The solutions we have developed for our clients are endless.

MCI Solutions are experts in the rapidly expanding Microbite learning arena, recognising its critical place within organisational learning strategies.

In an increasingly time-poor society, small pockets of available time – even in the workplace – can be used effectively to re-enforce/embed learning or to learn new things altogether. Small digitized learning bites can be consumed in transit, between meetings or even quickly over a lunch break.

At MCI Solutions we can help you with the design and development, or conversion of learning bites or ‘bite-sizing’ learning materials/modules as well as the platform upon which they will be housed!

We have developed a proprietary ‘formula’ for rapid micro development and are proud partners of a leading global performance support/Microbite learning platform that can transform the way your employees learn.

We work with organisations to develop or enhance their induction or graduate programs to create a forward thinking, highly experiential and memorable journey for new team members. We incorporate blended learning models, experiential learning and the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Train the Facilitator methodology.

Take your skills to the next level by implementing tools and techniques to ensure that your sessions rock. Get to grips with the full training cycle to ensure your training has a measurable impact.

This blended program is a great mix of face-to-face delivery, evidence collection, and additional learning via the MCI eCampus.

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This is one of our most popular courses and a practical program that provides useful, easy-to-apply activities and a structure for adult learning that meets the needs of the modern learner.

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We have been delivering award-winning sessions using this powerful methodology for close to 10 years – and we remain astounded at the incredible ways in which this process is applied by top organisations.

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Do you find company meetings, workshops and seminars to be boring?
Bring them to life with some new techniques to engage your staff. Design and deliver workshops, seminars, company meetings and facilitated processes according to Gamestorming methodologies.
This cutting edge process will enhance the way in which you generate ideas and align your team. Gamestorming provides a different perspective on how to reach set outcomes at the end of a session.
It ensures that you work towards solving complex problems through collaborative ways of engaging groups and there is substantial theory that backs up this highly effective way of generating breakthrough results.

Team Building and Engagement

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LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is a highly innovative and powerful methodology for Team Building. It is based on the belief that everyone in a team can contribute to the discussion, the decisions, and the outcome.

A team building workshop using LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is about getting more out of people for the benefit of the business – and doing that in a way that respects the uniqueness of the individual, involves everyone on an equal level, and builds people’s confidence and commitment about the tasks ahead.


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What The Duck™ is your fire-starter to move things forward in your own company. In our 1-day workshop, we demonstrate and give you the opportunity to practice facilitating a whole range of activities with the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®-based What The Duck™ system.

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IT Solutions


Virtual Classrooms ae a major component of MCI Solutions’s portfolio of innovative learning and change solutions, and adds to expertise we’ve developed over more than three decades with Australia’s largest organisations and government departments.

But maybe you need our unmatched excellence in classroom training, or a self-paced solution. Do you need an off-the-shelf offering, or a solution tailored to your organisation and learners? Do you need to train your own instructors in the use of Virtual Classroom technology? Or maybe you need the services of a skilled consultant or contractor for a week, a month or longer.

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Our Live Virtual Classroom Subscription addresses the need for diversity of modalities of learning opportunities for professional development in most organisations. The Virtual Classroom is a more convenient, economical, practical, and experientially optimal modality that allows your employees to select whatever course they wish to attend and complete it in 90 minutes!

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 Lost on your Office 365 journey? We can help.

• Thinking about rolling out Microsoft’s revolutionary productivity software, Office 365, but don’t know where to start?
• Ready to deploy Office 365 – but need expert hands on deck to make it happen?
• Need to revisit your implementation and bring untapped Office 365 potential to life?

No matter where you are in your Office 365 journey, you’ve probably already discovered that you might need more than just training – although to be sure, training will be critical too!

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Why MCI Solutions?

You might have heard of MCI Solutions. We’ve been the go-to learning people for Australia’s largest organisations and government departments for more than a decade. Our unmatched experience in building capabilities of people and capacity of teams is your guarantee that you’ve come to the right place.

We’re also innovators. To us “people” and “productivity improvement” are more than buzz words – they’re what we live for and what we love. That’s why you’ll receive creative, engaging and effective solutions whether you need a ready-to-go learning intervention, bespoke learning program, or services of a skilled consultant or contractor.

At MCI Solutions we have a holistic approach to training. We consult with our clients from beginning to the end of the experience for the learner. We spend the time to get to know you, our client, on a deep level to discover your core learning needs. Our aim is to provide support for L&D and HR professionals to discover the core reasons for training, therefore allowing us to recommend an appropriate training solution.

Our approach

At MCI Solutions we consult individually with our clients from the beginning to the end of your experience. We take the time to support you, L&D and HR professionals, by making sure we know exactly why and what training is required for your best results. Our tailor-made approach ensures we recommend the most appropriate training solution for you. 

“We have been working with MCI for the past 4 years. Our participants commented that MCI’s facilitators were incredibly enthusiastic and engaging, whilst providing some very useful insights and tools to assist in holding coaching conversations. MCI’s professional development days are a unique community give back, Denise herself condenses a myriad of information from the conferences she attends into meaningful, impactful information that keeps participants up to date with the latest trends.”
“MCI has assisted Teachers Health Fund in meeting our formal education development goals for our pipeline of future men and women leaders. As a not-for-profit, getting high value for each learning and development dollar we spend is a priority. The support extended to our organisation from MCI from start to finish is a real credit to them.”
“MCI design and deliver a range of leadership workshops for our emerging leaders group each year. MCI’s content is always evolving, well designed to maximise learning and engagement and the facilitators are first class providing contextually relevant and engaging workshops for our teams. I would highly recommend MCI as a learning partner.”

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