Posted On December 10, 2018

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Author: Jenna Meyerson

CEO of MCI Solutions

At the end of every year we love giving back to our HR and L&D community by offering them one day of development just for them. 99.9% of their company’s training budget is spent on their employees, and it is rare to find a team that spends budget or give’s themselves time for their own development. In keeping with our values of “Yes…and” and “Respect”, we openly share all of our key learnings with our community – over 100 clients across Sydney and Melbourne.

After travelling to over four international conferences this year, we summarised these key learning, trends and case studies from around the world. Here are a few of the take-aways from our Client Professional Development Day held in Sydney and Melbourne:

1. It’s never been a more exciting time to be in learning!

The technology is catching up with where it needs to be in order to deliver extra-ordinary learning experiences – and the cost isn’t breaking the bank either. Be creative – Facebook Workplace, chat bots, SMS, VR light (no headsets required) and many more.

2. We don't want to be like the scribes

The scribes of the 15th Century laughed at the thought of the printing press disrupting their jobs. Why would people want printed bibles when they could have it beautifully handwritten by a scribe? The rest is history. HR and L&D should work tirelessly to avoid being the scribes or the Kodak’s of their business. You have a seat at the table – use it.

3. Today there are 207m students

In the 1900s there were 500k students, today there are 207m and by 2030 this number will double. More employees are entering your organisation hungry to learn. Are you making them wait for annual training, but expecting daily excellence? Are you making them wait for the fancy and flashy modules when all they want is the ‘need to know now’ content?

4. AI and data are the new electricity

Everything needs to be tracked and measured – but not for measuring sake. If you do not have the expertise in your team, bring someone in on a secondment. The expertise is definitely within your company.

5. Gamification is still alive and well

It doesn’t need to be fancy, but it needs to be visual. We spend an average of 2 hours and 49 minutes on our smart phones everyday (some of us a lot longer!) Employees expect the same quick, short, visual and fun experience in the workplace.

6. Learning should be a blend

Face to face, virtual, micro, coaching, mentoring, VR…
What is in your blend? How can you add more into the mix?

7. The Netflix of Learning

How might we offer untethered learning spaces where the class is on all the time, buddies and guides, mentors to supplement digital? The Netflix of learning.

8. Agile is in

Waterfall is out. If we don’t constantly iterate and adapt, your learners will have Googled it faster than you can write and develop it. Speaking of learners – make sure that they are at the centre of everything that you design.

9. The LMS is dead

It was born pre-social media and YouTube, and it has not been able to keep up. Sorry to those who have spent over a year deciding on one. Turn on your HRIS’ LMS admin function and voila – you can track training without trapping your learners in an experience that has a lower NPS than the tax office. Learning Experience Platforms are the new LMS’, and if you do sign your company onto an LMS, make sure you aren’t signing terms longer than you would keep your new smartphone.

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