Posted On August 16, 2016

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There are many great blogs, websites and communities to choose from – I’ve just pulled out a small selection by some key learning leaders below. Keep yourself inspired and entertained with the musings and teachings of these highly respected members of the global L&D community.

Cathy Moore:

Let’s save the world from boring training! So says Cathy Moore, an instructional design specialist, speaker and author on a mission to reinvigorate workplace learning. Her chatty blog is packed with tips, opinion and useful resources like her “action mapping” model. [Twitter: @CatMoore]

Charles Jennings:

Charles is a leading authority in learning, development and performance, and an expert in the 70:20:10 model. His excellent, detailed blog covers a range of topics relating to workplace performance. Charles is also the Director of the Internet Time Alliance consultancy, where he and other L&D leaders including Jay Cross, Harold Jarche and Jane Hart offer advice on new ways of working and learning. [Twitter: @charlesjennings]

Con Sotidis:

Con is a Melbourne-based learning and performance consultant and speaker with a passion for improving business performance. As well as founding the popular #OZLEARN Twitter Chat, Con writes an interesting blog on his thoughts on L&D. [Twitter: @LearnKotch]

Donald Taylor:

Donald is a leading voice on workplace learning and learning technologies. Chairman of the UK’s Learning and Performance Institute, he is a popular facilitator and keynote speaker. Donald’s blog provides an enjoyable read as he eloquently lays out his thoughts on L&D matters, skills and productivity. [Twitter: @DonaldHTaylor]

Harold Jarche:

Hailed as a great thinker on workplace transformation, Harold speaks, writes and consults on connected leadership, social learning, personal knowledge mastery and workplace collaboration. His prolific and enjoyable blog offers insightful commentary to make sense of our complex, networked world where “work is learning & learning is the work.” [Twitter: @hjarche]

Helen Blunden:

Helen is a social learning and performance consultant. She helps businesses harness social tools and technologies to create a more human and connected approach to workplace collaboration and learning. In her blog, Helen explores social learning and networking from many angles in a compelling and down to earth manner.

Helen is the guest speaker for our April 30 webinar “Social Learning in the Workplace”. Grab your spot here, if you haven’t already. [Twitter: @ActivateLearn]

Jane Hart:

Jane is a well-respected advisor, speaker and writer on social learning and social collaboration. She’s also the founder of the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies (C4LPT), one of the world’s most visited learning websites. Jane’s frequently updated blog delves into the challenges and opportunities that the modern workplace presents for continuous learning. [Twitter: @C4LPT]

Laura Overton:

Laura is a popular industry commentator with over 25 years of experience in learning innovation for business advantage. The not-for-profit organisation she heads up, Towards Maturity, provides independent research to help business improve performance through learning innovation. The blog is a great place to keep up with new research, L&D commentary, case studies and benchmarks. [Twitter: @lauraoverton]

Nigel Paine:

Nigel’s wealth of L&D experience comes from working with organisations of all types from SME’s to corporations and governments, including over four years leading the BBC’s Learning & Development operations. An accomplished author, speaker and facilitator, his blog covers leadership, innovation, learning and technology. [Twitter: @ebase]

Ryan Tracey:

Ryan is a corporate e-learning manager, based in Sydney, and sits on the editorial board of E-Learn Magazine. He’s picked up awards for both his work and his writing, including his popular blog, “E-Learning Provocateur”, which provides lively, amusing and thought-provoking commentary on all things eLearning and L&D. [Twitter: @ryantracey]